Manhattan Divorce Attorney Ryan Besinque Discusses Legal Ways to Maintain Financial Privacy in Marriage and Divorce

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Manhattan Divorce Attorney Ryan Besinque Discusses Legal Ways to Maintain Financial Privacy in Marriage and Divorce

May 15
19:25 2024
Manhattan Divorce Attorney Ryan Besinque Discusses Legal Ways to Maintain Financial Privacy in Marriage and Divorce

Manhattan divorce attorney Ryan Besinque (, of the Law Office of Ryan Besinque, has recently authored an enlightening article on how to legally manage and protect financial privacy within the bounds of marriage and divorce in New York. The article, titled “The Best Way To Hide Money Legally From Your Spouse in New York,” sheds light on the complexities and legalities of financial dealings between spouses, both during a marriage and through the process of divorce.

According to Manhattan divorce attorney Ryan Besinque, understanding the balance between financial transparency and privacy is key to maintaining a healthy relationship. “Financial privacy does not mean hiding assets deceitfully,” Besinque emphasizes. “It’s about understanding and respecting each partner’s right to some level of autonomy over their personal finances.”

The Manhattan divorce attorney describes the sensitive nature of financial privacy in marriage, highlighting how trust and open communication are foundational to managing money matters jointly and individually. Besinque points out that while full disclosure is often necessary, there are ethical ways to maintain individual financial autonomy without overstepping legal boundaries.

Manhattan divorce attorney Besinque discusses the legal implications of concealing assets during a divorce in New York. The state’s marital property laws and the principles of equitable distribution require a fair and transparent accounting of assets. “New York law requires both parties in a divorce to fully disclose their financial assets and liabilities,” Besinque states. “Failure to do so can lead to severe legal consequences, including financial penalties and loss of credibility in court.”

The article also outlines legitimate strategies for managing finances in a marriage, such as the use of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, setting up separate bank accounts, and implementing transparent budgeting systems. These methods help couples maintain a degree of financial independence while still upholding the trust and integrity of the marital relationship.

Manhattan divorce attorney Ryan Besinque advises that couples seeking to navigate complex financial privacy matters should consider professional legal guidance. “Our office is equipped to help couples develop comprehensive plans that respect both partners’ financial autonomy while staying within the framework of New York law,” says Besinque.

For couples facing the challenges of managing financial privacy or contemplating divorce, Besinque’s article serves as a critical resource for understanding their rights and the legal avenues available to them. It encourages an approach that balances transparency with respect for individual autonomy, fostering a healthier marital and financial relationship.

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