A New Era in Makeup: INFINITE CHROMA Innovatively Rewards Makeup Artistry

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A New Era in Makeup: INFINITE CHROMA Innovatively Rewards Makeup Artistry

September 25
23:40 2023

Infinite Chroma is gearing up to unveil a transformative makeup kit this November 2023. Rather than following traditional pathways, the brand has chosen to collaborate exclusively with professional makeup artists, bypassing the typical distribution hierarchy of the makeup sector.

The Old Guard vs. Infinite Chroma’s Vision  

The age-old route for a makeup product’s journey typically sees it passing through a manufacturer, then a distributor, and finally landing with a retailer. Often, a single dominant entity controls the first two phases, taking the bulk of the profits. Infinite Chroma is introducing a divergent paradigm that holds immense promise for makeup professionals.

Putting Makeup Artists First

In a strategic shift, Infinite Chroma is redirecting what would have been massive marketing budgets, choosing instead to financially reward the makeup artists who champion their products. This ensures these artists reap a significantly larger financial benefit than the usual industry standards offer.

Reading the Signs of the Times 

With the boom in direct online sales and consumer engagement, Infinite Chroma’s strategy taps into the zeitgeist. The brand’s outreach to professional makeup artists signals a powerful message: “We’ve crafted something special, and we believe you’re the perfect partners to showcase it.”

Superior Craftsmanship Meets InnovationBeyond the disruptive business model lies the exceptional quality of Infinite Chroma’s products. Each makeup item boasts high-pigment formulations, ensuring vibrant, long-lasting applications that truly stand out. Clients, upon receiving the makeup kit, are often left in awe, not just because of the makeup’s stellar quality, but also due to the kit’s impressive packaging. The brand has innovatively employed provisional patent-pending foam protections, ensuring that each product within the kit remains pristine and intact. This dedication to both product and packaging quality underscores Infinite Chroma’s commitment to delivering nothing but the best to its users.

A Long Time Coming  

It’s understood that the brains behind Infinite Chroma invested over two years in perfecting this makeup kit. Although initial discussions were held with some industry bigwigs, the focus on aggressive marketing over genuine profit-sharing with artists was a deterrent. This led Infinite Chroma to take a different route, quietly securing collaborations with top-tier makeup artists.

“Infinite Chroma believes in the power and talent of makeup artists. Our approach ensures they are recognized and rewarded for their immense contribution to the industry,” commented Anastasia Andreani, CEO of Infinite Chroma.

Navigating the Future

Infinite Chroma’s avant-garde move underscores the importance of adaptability and hands-on professional engagement in today’s ever-evolving makeup world.

About Infinite Chroma  

Infinite Chroma is a trailblazing makeup brand committed to innovation and empowerment in the cosmetics industry. With a focus on quality, collaboration, and transparency, the brand seeks to redefine the makeup landscape for artists and consumers alike.

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Contact Person: Anastasia Andreani
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Phone: 1-800-951-0795
Address:9440 Santa Monica Blvd.
City: Beverly Hills
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Website: https://infinitechroma.com/

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