Child, Age 10, Publishes Picture Book Celebrating Mindful, Nurturing Father Figures Of All Types

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Child, Age 10, Publishes Picture Book Celebrating Mindful, Nurturing Father Figures Of All Types

June 08
18:56 2023
Child, Age 10, Publishes Picture Book Celebrating Mindful, Nurturing Father Figures Of All Types

June 8th, 2023 – Penned by a young, female author Skyler Farasat under the pen name Skye+Fam, “I Never Saw My Dad’s Cape, But…” is a poignant book that insightfully presents the profound impact of loving fathers through the eyes of a child. This heartwarming tribute to the love, sacrifices, fun and wisdom of fathers (and father figures) emerged from Skyler’s personal observations of her dad’s morning meditation routine, which ignited her reflections on the importance of how fathers shape their children’s lives. “I Never Saw My Dad’s Cape, But…” invites all children to reflect on their own experiences of what makes their dads heroes in their hearts. With genuine insights and an innate understanding of her father’s actions, Skyler’s words resonate deeply with readers of all ages. The book encourages all readers (children and adults!) to observe and cherish the extraordinary everyday heroism of fathers that may feel like they go unnoticed.

I Never Saw My Dad’s Cape, But…” is an inspiring representation of diverse dads embracing their important role as providers and nurturers. This brave narrative highlights the rippling positive impact of fathers offering all types of invaluable examples of being a role model to future generations of young men and women.

The collaborative efforts of co-authors Payel and Joe Farasat (Skyler’s parents and Financial Services executives with expertise in coaching, consulting, and mindfulness) have enriched the book’s content. Their editorial guidance ensured that “I Never Saw My Dad’s Cape, But…” expresses an authentic message that representing important themes – such as diversity and inclusion of the contributions of single dads, men standing in as fathers (step/bonus/foster), and new dads adjusting to parenthood – matters.

I Never Saw My Dad’s Cape, But…” is not just an inspirational book; it is a gift of gratitude for all occasions that sweetly ends with a personalizable special dedication. Whether it’s Father’s Day, birthdays, or any day that calls for celebration, this book serves as a testament of fathers’ lasting impact on their children’s lives and humanity.

The book is now available for purchase at leading bookstores and online retailers.

About the Author:

Skye+Fam is the author of four books whose stories celebrate family and empower children (and adults!) to feel centered, supported, and loved in the world. Skyler Farasat, an exceptional 10-year-old storyteller, co-authored her third book “I Never Saw My Dad’s Cape, But…” alongside her family. Skyler’s inspiration for the book stemmed from her secret observations of her father’s morning meditation routine – serving as a compassionate guide that reminds readers of the significant yet often overlooked actions of nurturing dads and father figures. Drawing from her own practice of meditation since infancy and her experience in Waldorf education, Skyler offers a unique perspective on the inner workings of what fatherhood feels like to a child. Supported by her parents, Payel and Joe Farasat, Financial Services executives credentialed in coaching, consulting, and mindfulness, Skyler’s extraordinary talent captures the essence of mindful fatherhood, making “I Never Saw My Dad’s Cape, But…” a remarkable and endearing read.

For more information about “I Never Saw My Dad’s Cape, But…” and the author’s other three books, feel free to contact the author by visiting their website and following them on their social media accounts and Amazon Author Page.

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