It’s Important For Aspiring Entrepreneurs And Investors To Learn Necessary Skills To Become Successful In The Business World – Pranav Arora

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It’s Important For Aspiring Entrepreneurs And Investors To Learn Necessary Skills To Become Successful In The Business World – Pranav Arora

May 18
15:51 2023
Pranav Arora as the CEO of JMTD Holdings and the Head of Division at Just Funky has helped many businesses scaled up great heights of success.

Pranav Arora's Success

Talent is in abundance when we look more closely around ourselves. Across diverse sectors and domains of the society, many talented souls have emerged which have made a special mark for themselves. When we talk about the business arena, the next gen entrepreneurs and professionals have marched their way to the top garnering lot of love, fame, and recognition from people around the world. Although these entrepreneurs have done exceedingly well in their special fields of business, there have been some of them who have swiftly made a mark for themselves in varied domains excelling in each endeavor that they pursue and follow. Not abiding by the society norms and rules, they break many barriers of the conventional methodologies and traditional thinking and spiral their way out to the top making a special niche and name for themselves in the entrepreneurial world. One such millennial entrepreneur has been Pranav Arora from the Unites States of America.

Being naturally drawn towards the art and craft of business doing since a young age, it was no brainer for Pranav to choose the entrepreneurial way as his full time career option and profession. But the success that he enjoys today was not build in a day. He overcame many obstacles and challenges early in his life to seek the attention of millions across the globe. Over the years, Pranav has become one of the most influential serial entrepreneurs, investor, and venture capitalist who has enabled himself to become one of the most sought and seek professional and is the recent talk of the town. Pranav has left no stone unturned in taking giant strides in the business realm and gained tremendous momentum. Bringing about a fresh outlook in the Digitech world with his unique marketing and strategic imperatives, he has been the sole reason for helping his firms reach the million dollar dream.

Pranav has been named among “Ten of the Most Brilliant Minds in Finance today” by The Finance Post, Pranav is the CEO of JMTD Holdings and the Head of Division at Just Funky. JMTD Holdings is a private equity firm that offers capital and value-added partnerships to world-class, industry-leading companies. This company is all about closely working with the finance teams, research specialists, and marketing teams of their clients to create and execute massive and influential growth strategies, which ultimately boosts the clients profitability and growth structure. They develop funding strategies and varied plans for customer acquisition. Just Funky is a family-owned premier manufacturer of licensed and private label merchandise for the mainstream retail market. There are several areas under which the company excels, like drinkware, impulse and novelty items, decor, and apparel. It was a company he started in 2011. The products of Just Funky are also found in many top retailers, with offices in Columbus, Los Angeles, New Delhi, Ohio, London, and Hong Kong. Besides this, it has more than 20,000 independent retail partners across North America and, more recently, the European Union.About Pranav Arora:Head and shoulders above the rest, Pranav Arora is an accomplished businessperson, successful entrepreneur, investor, venture capitalist, philanthropist, and highly revered in the business circles. Born in 1995 in Ohio, Pranav grew up in a business-oriented family, and it was only natural that he had the affinity for venturing into the family business, keen on making a name for himself. Learning the trade from his parents, Pranav was thrust into the thick of the family business and a quick study; he proved himself capable of driving strategic and operational activities to achieve business objectives with a proven record of accomplishment.

At the age of 16, Pranav joined ‘Just Funky,’ which is a family-owned business. Just Funky is a lifestyle merchandise brand that manufactures pop culture products for the commercial and retail market. A highly self-motivated individual, Pranav was able to steer the company to tremendous success and critical global acclaim in the industry. In less than a decade, he was able to transform the company to become a market leader in the international licensing sector. The company has several branches in India, China, and the US, with notable high-profile clients such as Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber and TV franchises including Stranger Things and The Walking Dead.

Not one to bask in the family limelight, Pranav set out to build his own business by starting his first million-dollar business. Leveraging on his business acumen, passion and hunger for success, he began his company called ‘Techno-info,’ which would ultimately put his leadership skills to the test. Techno-info specializes in digital marketing, web design and computer repair services. The business did not set off as expected. Still, despite the shortcomings of the venture, he was able to walk away with valuable insights and intricate knowledge that has guided him through his entrepreneurship journey. Quickly bouncing back, Pranav started another company, ‘Highly Educated,’ which focused on manufacturing electronic cigarettes, hookahs, and similar accessories. Keen on building partnerships across collaborative efforts, the purpose of this latest company was to partner with other organizations in the industry and manufacture products for them. He later on, sold this company to focus on his family business. 

Pranav was appointed as the Head of Division at ‘Just Funky.’ Having acquired a great wealth of experience, he uses his deep technical knowledge and tactical insights to see multiple steps ahead, oversee consequences and ultimately provide the best solutions to benefit the organization. As the HOD, he is in charge of the sales and marketing focused on improving B2B and B2C relationships and innovation of new products. Pranav also started a sister company, ‘Stunned Mind,’ an e-commerce wing of the company that focuses on steering the company towards becoming one of the world’s leading e-commerce companies.

Having cemented his name in the business circles, Pranav was offered an opportunity to showcase his impressive leadership skills by steering JMTD Holdings as its Chairman. JMTD Holdings is an investment firm in Ohio dedicated to creating generational wealth for its clients. They offer their clients diversified portfolios to ensure they can grant them their long-life desire for a financially secure future. 

Like all business protégés, Pranav did not finish his university, opting to drop out and explore the business realm, which has proven to be his forte. He is renowned for his leadership skills and business acumen. Pranav takes pride in his work ethic and the ability to manage multiple projects creating big results without impacting the quality of the task at hand. He is passionate, committed and enthusiastic about his goals, ready to go out of his way to accomplish success for the organization.

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