TRT Announces “tabii”, the Highly Anticipated Global Streaming Service

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TRT Announces “tabii”, the Highly Anticipated Global Streaming Service

May 05
22:04 2023

TRT, having conquered the hearts of viewers around the world through its quality productions and unique storytelling, revealed its much anticipated global streaming service brand “tabii”. TRT  introduced tabii to be the flag bearer of Turkey’s digital streaming industry to satisfy the global demand for Turkish entertainment. tabii will present high-quality, family friendly content that embraces different cultures, and appeals to common values of its international audience. To reflect the diversity of the world we live in, tabii will initially be offered in Turkish, English, Spanish, Arabic and Urdu.

With over 55 years of experience in television broadcasting and always at the forefront of innovation, TRT through tabii will offer a unique perspective to the global streaming market with its storytelling that explores the cultures, heritage and values of different geographies. tabii will initially launch with 15.000 hours of content that will include new exclusive original series in different genres, licensed productions and popular TRT content from its extensive library.

Turkish productions have already captivated over 800 million viewers in 146 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and the Americas with more than 150 TV series. Being a new playmaker in the industry, tabii will become the leader of Turkey’s digital streaming sector which projects a substantial increase in TV series exports starting from 2023.

tabii will initially start with more than 30 original productions

TRT continues to fascinate and captivate its audiences in Turkey as well as around the world with its productions based on common values. Inspired by this success, tabii will launch with more than 30 original, family-friendly and high-quality productions, exclusively produced for the streaming service. Stories such as the beloved “Rumi” which highlights the life of the scholar, poet and teacher; “Free Sky” shares the action-packed stories of the Turkish Air Force and fighter jets; TRT’s popular production “Little Archer: Iskender” returns with its brand new adventures; “Say No More” with a dose of humour and an entertaining cast; “The Last Day” which brings together famous actors in the psychological thriller and “Altay” the first project of the new superhero universe.

tabii will put a spotlight on cultural diversity

Built on Turkish stories admired by large audiences around the world, tabii will set off with a unique streaming experience of rich content appealing to the common values and diversity of various cultures, with something for everyone in the family. These stories are woven with love, bravery, empathy and triumph creating inspiring storylines that represent the collective human values. In addition to popular and now classic Turkish productions, tabii will offer a robust slate of exclusive original and licensed content that puts a spotlight on the stories of a culturally diverse audience not represented in the mainstream. 

“This is one of the most esteemed projects of the great and powerful Turkey.”

Fahrettin Altun, Presidency’s Director of Communications, stated in his speech at tabii’s brand reveal that, “This is one of the most esteemed projects of the great and powerful Turkey.” Director Altun further explained: “It is a project that our President has followed very closely and provided all kinds of resources for it to come to life. Thus, it has utmost importance for us.” Altun started his speech by thanking the  President for his considerable contributions in the realisation of this valuable project and explained how the technological infrastructure of the streaming service was developed: “We have a magnificent project as a result of the strong technological and informational groundwork. This project, with its domestic infrastructure, is Turkey’s project and belongs to our people. High quality original content has been created for this digital platform. We are now thankfully reaping the fruits of this process with lots of planning and consultation and will continue to do so. We have established a strong architecture for this project to live on forever. In addition to that, of course, branding and corporate structure processes were handled meticulously and as to realise this valuable project.  We are very content and proud.

When the new management took office at TRT, we had serious discussions on what would be the most niche job that this new administration would put out there. After long discussions, we came to an agreement that a global streaming service of this  caliber would be befitting the pioneering direction that TRT is heading towards. Following this process, our TRT board of directors took up on this mission and provided all necessary tools for the realisation of this mission. I offer them my sincere thanks.

During this successful period, our TRT management and other employees had substantial contributions. A dynamic team of professionals was formed and this team worked day and night to create this valuable project. I would like to especially thank our Director General Zahid Sobaci, Deputy Director General Ziyad Varol and all our other deputy director generals.

Today, as seen in this project, we are continuing to contribute in our own respective fields to the further development of the great and powerful Turkey. This streaming service is one of the tangible products of these efforts. I believe that TRT’s global streaming service tabii will be on its way as a crucial actor and will have a positive influence on the other streaming services in the global arena. It will require them to perform differently from before such a streaming service came into existence. tabii will contribute to the strengthening of the TV shows and movies sector in Turkey. It will play a crucial part in the creation of even better quality content with real social and cultural grounds. Thus, this global streaming service will serve both the sector and our country adding to the strength of the Turkey brand.”

Turkey, a storyteller like no other

Director General of TRT Mehmet Zahid Sobaci, in his speech at the Turkey brand reveal of tabii, stated that, “Developed in line with our motto ‘a fairer world is possible’ on digital space as well, this streaming service is taking its first step of its global adventure today to become our country’s new global brand. Now, we are telling a new story nourished by the history, struggle, climate of compassion and the human perspective of this noble nation. Against the state of the current global system, through tabii, we will share our culture, the value of tradition and family to tell the accurate stories of communities that are largely underrepresented.

We will take care to preserve the authenticity in its own land. We will leave our mark on the vicious circle where all the information comes from the very same source. We will especially stand out with our content that will inspire the youth, inform them, broaden their perspectives and offer role models.

We dare to be the primary channel to meet the need for family-oriented content around the globe. In addition to our films and tv series, we will become the new digital home to brand-new animation content for our children whom we see as entrusted minds and hearts. tabii, is a natural, fresh and pure source against those who wish to bath humanity in the same water. This is where we tell the stories of billions of people who are left out of billions of productions. We aim high not just because we are deeply inspired but we also have ambitious goals to meet…

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we are standing here as Turkey’s TRT with the authority to have a say in broadcasting industry, in the region and globally, disrupting others’ plans with our technology and rising with our own values; this is all based on real and significant data. We are ready for the communication era and digital century. As a manifestation of the self-confidence that our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has brought to our country in every area, and in line with the motto “the world is bigger than five”, we all pull our weight with the aim of digital fairness and equality. We exhibit the determination to create a new strong brand for our country, and demonstrate our capacity not only in words but in action as well.

Our global streaming service will make significant contributions to the promotion, tourism, economy and sharing of cultural richness of our beautiful homeland. Let’s not forget that a new brand of Turkey is being born today and this brand will continue to grow stronger over time.

tabii will initially consist of content in Turkish, English, Spanish, Arabic and Urdu. With 30 new productions and 184 new episodes, it will be the global streaming service with the richest original content in its inaugural phase.

Our streaming service tabii, which will include TRT’s popular productions as well as our new projects, will be offered free of charge to our viewers on May 7 in our country.

It will also be globally accessible in 5 languages via Youtube Premium. In the third quarter of 2023, we will directly reach our international audiences through our global launch starting with the Middle East, Latin America and Urdu-speaking regions. The software and all technical infrastructure of our platform was prepared by the TRT team consisting entirely of Turkish engineers.”

Mehmet Zahid Sobaci also expressed his gratitude to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who has supported this project since the beginning of this journey and inspired us as the architect of the struggle for a fairer world. He also thanked Director  of Communications, Mr. Fahrettin Altun, all the producers, artists and colleagues who have contributed to the global streaming service and ended his speech with “May the path of TRT’s global streaming service tabii, which reflects the ‘future’ part of our motto ‘TRT is both memory and future’, be clear as the leading Turkish brand in global digital streaming!”

tabii asks “What is it that bonds us?”

Offering its audience fast and exclusive access to a wide range of entertaining shows, movies, documentaries and children content, tabii aims to be a global streaming service where communities can unite and gather as a family around universal values and where everyone can find a piece of themselves in the stories. On tabii, viewers will discover thousands of hours of TV series and movies in various genres including action, period, drama, sci-fi, comedy, youth, detective, romantic comedy and thriller, war and history and documentaries, rich animation options and entertaining productions with characters beloved by children.

Aiming to bond different cultures around common values, in addition to Turkish, tabii, will initially offer its content to international viewers in English, Spanish, Arabic and Urdu languages. High-quality dubbing and subtitles of the streaming service will soon be available in more languages.

Brand new content for youth

tabii offers various options for the most colourful and energetic members of the family and breaks new grounds by introducing such a large volume of exclusive high quality originals dedicated to youth. tabii will resonate with the youth through its dynamic tone, touching their lives by introducing them to different worlds.

tabii starts its international journey from Turkey.

The Turkish audience, being an important pillar in tabii’s great journey from local to universal, will get full streaming service access free of charge in Turkey. For global audiences, it will be initially available via 3rd Party platforms such as YouTube and Roku at an affordable subscription fee in Turkish, English, Spanish, Arabic and Urdu, with more language options coming soon.

Please visit for more information and register your email to be notified when the service goes live.

About tabii

tabii, a brand of the Turkish public broadcaster TRT, is a global streaming service that offers 15,000 hours of family friendly content dubbed and subtitled in multiple languages. tabii offers a unique streaming experience with inspiring stories based on universal values and inclusive content to a culturally diverse audience. tabii will host exclusive original content and also globally popular and now classic TRT productions in various genres including family, action, period, drama, fantasy, comedy, youth, detective, romantic comedy and thriller. tabii will be first available in Turkish, English, Spanish, Arabic and Urdu. High-quality dubbing and subtitles of the streaming service will soon be available in more languages. tabii can be watched on various smart devices through the tabii App in iOS and Android, on computers via and connected TV devices.

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