Why Recruitment Marketing May Not Be The Best Bet to Outsmart Competition and Attract Top Talent

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Why Recruitment Marketing May Not Be The Best Bet to Outsmart Competition and Attract Top Talent

April 17
10:13 2023
The answer to hiring on-demand in a tight labor market is in your talent pipelines supported by recruitment marketing.

Small and mid-sized businesses across the country are facing a significant challenge in today’s tight labor market and many are left wondering what to do. The competition for quality talent is fierce, and many small businesses are struggling to attract and retain the best talent. This is a challenge that impacts not only the bottom line of businesses but also the broader economy. It’s essential to understand the challenges so that you can develop effective solutions.

The current labor market is incredibly tight, with the unemployment rate sitting at just 3.6% as of February 2023. This means that job seekers have more employment options than ever before. In addition, many industries are facing a significant skills gap, which can make it even harder to find qualified workers.

Small and mid-sized businesses often have limited resources compared to large business counterparts operating in the same markets, making it harder to offer competitive salaries and benefits packages. As a result, they may struggle to attract the top talent that they need to grow and thrive.

Although, there is hope for smaller businesses to overcome the labor challenges and thrive if they take a proactive approach to hiring.

“Challenges and obstacles can be opportunities for growth and learning. In business, this mindset can be applied to innovation, which often involves taking risks and facing uncertainty. Regarding talent acquisition, because people are such an important component of a business’s success, a company does not have a lot of room for error navigating through this new talent market and operating in the status quo in today’s environment is not an option.” Says Evan Jones, Founder and CEO of XA Talent.

For small and mid-sized businesses to thrive in such a labor market, it’s important to note the changing expectations of the modern workforce and the most effective strategy is to focus on company culture and execute proactive recruitment strategies led by recruitment marketing to build internal pipelines of talent that are nurtured over time. 

Workers today are looking for more than just a paycheck – employers need to understand that employees are individuals with unique values, goals, and motivations. Employees want to work for a company that aligns with their values, provides a positive work environment, and offers opportunities for career growth. By taking the time to listen to and understand employee needs and expectations, employers can create a workplace culture that fosters engagement, satisfaction, and productivity. Small businesses that fail to meet these expectations will continue to struggle to attract and retain top talent.

“Once an effective employer value proposition (EVP) has been developed, employers need to leverage the power of recruitment marketing to increase brand awareness letting talent know your business exists and gain a glimpse of what life would be like working at your company.” Says Abigail Sel, CMO of XA Talent.

If done correctly, and with the proper research and strategy in place, recruitment marketing will improve the way a business is perceived by candidates making it easier for recruitment teams to perform their function. Recruitment marketing should be used to fill internal talent pipelines with top talent where a company will not be competing to hire talent–they will be able to hire culture-driven talent on-demand.

In conclusion, the current labor market presents significant challenges for small and mid-sized businesses. However, by taking a strategic and proactive approach to attracting and retaining talent with a well-developed EVP, recruitment marketing, and engaged talent pipelines, smaller businesses can compete with larger business counterparts and will thrive in today’s economy. 

About XA Talent: 

XA Talent is a workforce solutions company specializing in talent acquisition and recruitment marketing in challenging labor markets. Services are designed to enable businesses to attract talent at scale, ensure job offers are accepted, and retain their best employees which reduces the total cost of talent acquisition. These results are achieved through company/executive branding and digital marketing campaigns focused on building its client’s internal talent pipelines, which are nurtured over time so that clients spend less time and resources competing for talent on job boards. We are uniquely able to deliver tangible outcomes, verified by data and metrics, because our solutions are customized and tailored to meet the unique needs of each client’s business objectives. www.myXATalent.com

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