Application of RFID devices in Smart Water Meter Management

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Application of RFID devices in Smart Water Meter Management

March 24
15:26 2023

Water meter management is an important part of the management of the water company. However, due to the traditional manual meter reading work method, it is not only inefficient, but also has the phenomenon of wrong copying and missing copying, which affect the management and operational benefits of water supply companies. Therefore, a more efficient and easy-to-supervise tap water meter reading method is urgently needed to strengthen the management of the meter reading business and improve the work efficiency and accuracy of meter reading.

Challenge:1. The traditional manual household meter reading method has low efficiency and high labor costs;2. There are phenomena such as estimated copying, wrong copying, missing copying etc in manual meter reading;3. It is not easy to save and query the user’s water consumption data, which is not conducive to the production scheduling department to know the water consumption of each area at any time, so as to reasonably arrange the production and scheduling of water resources;4. It is impossible to know the user’s water consumption in time, and when an abnormal situation occurs, the loss will be relatively large.

Solution:The water company configures smart handheld terminals and RFID electronic tags, RFID IC card smart water meters and other hardware equipment combined with background software, through the mobile data collector terminal to read electronic tags and IC cards to identify user information, read water information and automatically deduction of fees, easily realize automatic meter reading management, greatly improve the work efficiency and accuracy of meter reading, and eliminate a series of problems existing in manual meter reading. In addition, the water volume data can be connected to the network through the handheld terminal and uploaded to the background management system in real time, so that the manager can obtain the water consumption of the users in the area in time, and reasonably arrange the production and supply of water resources, which is convenient and quick.


application effectiveness:1. It has changed the traditional work method of household meter reading, greatly liberating manpower and reducing the cost of meter reading.2. Completely eliminate the phenomenon of estimated copying, missed copying, wrong copying , and improve the accuracy of meter reading data.3. The meter reading data can be uploaded in real time through the network, and the real-time nature of the data has been fully guaranteed.4. It is convenient to view the user’s long-term and large amount of real water consumption data, which is convenient for historical traceability.5. In the event of damage to the meter, leakage of the pipe, abnormal water supply, etc., it can be reported as soon as possible to stop the loss in time.6. Managers can keep abreast of the water consumption in each area, so as to reasonably arrange production and ensure water supply.


Handheld-Wireless smart water meter solution integrates RFID handheld and water & electricity meter equipment, realizes the centralized management of users’ water and electricity meters, simplifies the operation process, and makes the management work more scientific, information-based and accurate.

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