Discover the Best Art from Rising International Artists with ARVIVID

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Discover the Best Art from Rising International Artists with ARVIVID

March 22
05:38 2023
ARVIVID, an online art gallery, makes the best art from emerging international artists accessible to everyone by connecting buyers with sellers.

ARVIVID is a socially conscious online gallery for unique original art, prints, and photography that connects international artists with consumers. They specialize in curating high-quality, one-of-a-kind wall art from emerging artists across the world. 

The mission of ARVIVID is to empower the artists’ community and make art accessible for all. They strive to connect consumers and art buyers with sellers and NGOs and to support the artist communities through the love of art. 

ARVIVID’s online art collection includes a variety of genres, ranging from abstract art to black and white photography to fine art paintings done using various methods, such as oleo, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, collage, and illustration – digital or hand-drawn.

“Discover the best art from emerging international artists with us. We make great art within your reach; our curatorial vision embodies the refinement of a cosmopolitan gallery but with a down-to-earth approachability,” states the organization’s spokesman.

ARVIVID, with the motto “by artists, for art lovers,” believes art is a universal language with extraordinary potential to communicate ideas, raise awareness, and inspire social change. Art allows people to express themselves and has no language barriers. It can be understood by art critics trained in deciphering the meaning of its symbols and by any human being who cares enough to engage with the image. 

The art world, according to ARVIVID, is humming with excitement about new trends and movements. Education is critical for collectors to make informed purchase selections and stay ahead of the curve.

According to ARVIVID’s blog, these are a few rising art trends to look out for in 2023.

Large-Scale Art

In recent years, oversized artwork has grown in popularity, projected to continue in 2023. “One artist to keep an eye on is Nii Anyetei Ras. His large-scale artworks are created on textured fabric with patterns woven from recycled plastic straps used for packaging making waste into lasting art” explains an ARVIVID spokesman.

ARVIVID is pleased to announce that a selection of Nii Anyetei Ras works is being featured in their exhibition.

Organic Art

This trend captivates the interest of younger generations seeking new art produced from natural colors. Paintings made using colors and materials, including linseed oil, egg yolk, gum arabic, and charcoal, draw attention and raise awareness about environmental issues.

Digital Creations

According to ARVIVID, this genre will continue to grow in 2023. From virtual and augmented reality to 3D printing, artists use technology to captivate and amaze their audiences.

For example, beautiful abstract paintings by artist Artur Chen created digitally can be seen on their website.

Gestural Art

This category takes anyone back to their human roots, archetypes, cosmology, and the beginning of existence, where things are so ancient.

“A transdisciplinary artist Yola Balanga is an excellent example of this genre. Her works explore notions of spirituality and transcendence, the feminine body, gender, and social/political themes,” says an ARVIVID spokesperson.

Visit ARVIVID’s website below to discover and purchase one-of-a-kind art from emerging international artists. 

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