Procolored’s Direct To Film Printer Brings Customization From Commercial To Personal

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Procolored’s Direct To Film Printer Brings Customization From Commercial To Personal

March 22
01:22 2023
With the ability to print high-resolution images and designs on numerous types and colors of fabric, the Procolored DTF Printer is the best option for small businesses and personal use. The highest quality cloth prints are quick and easy to produce with Procolored.

When printing on fabric, one needs the best DTF, or direct-to-film, printer to ensure the results are always what is wanted. Without the right printer, the image that is being printed may not show up in the resolution desired, the colors could be off, or the picture could be distorted. Many small businesses print T-shirts, bags, and more to sell or promote the brand; they need those prints to come out perfectly.  

Whether using this type of printer for personal or commercial applications, Procolored has the best DTF printer on the market. From T-shirts to bags to promotional material for brands, the L1800 printer can do it all. As the best-selling DTF printer in the United States and the best seller on Amazon, numerous users can agree that this is the number one choice for DTF printing needs.

The Procolored DTF Printer 

The L1800 direct-to-film printer is a fast and convenient option that always provides perfect prints. This state-of-the-art machine can make patterns on numerous fabric types, from cotton to polyester to blends, and works on dark and light fabrics. The printing color on a variety of fabrics is consistent and very vibrant.

Lasting as long as silkscreen prints, Procolored has developed a new and original technology that inputs the image onto film to be heat transferred to the item one wants to print their picture onto. The patented technology is the white ink circulation and filtering system, not found in any other company’s models. This system is incredibly effective at keeping nozzles from clogging and can reduce DTF white ink precipitation.

This printer is beginner-friendly so that anyone can create masterpieces for themselves or their business. It has features like preheating and adjustable temperature to prevent problems with ink flow, a roller feeder that reduces paper jam issues, and ink mix and circulation, so there aren’t printer head clogs to worry about and fix. The Procolored DTF printer is very easy to use. It only takes a few simple steps to transfer the pattern on the fabric and it can easily be done by oneself. Compared with other t-shirt printing technology, the efficiency is significantly improved.

The RIP software comes free with the printer, it is easy to operate, the length of the printed pattern is not limited, and it supports multiple pictures to be printed together. 

The machine provides cutting-edge technology that quickly switches back and forth between color and white printing, as well as a single sheet and reel.

Automatic cleaning means the user doesn’t need to take the machine apart to clean it every time.  

The results are incredible, with color matching and flawless prints that perfectly match the image selected. Images are scratch-resistant, and the L1800 can even restore faded images. Printing is completed in six simple steps that take only a few minutes total, from start to finish. 


The L1800 DTF printer from Procolored provides the ultimate package for businesses or to use for fun projects at home. It is sold directly by the manufacturer, which means the quality and price are the best possible in the industry.  

A three-year warranty guarantees a risk-free experience with more than 30 professional engineers behind the design and updates. Any assistance needed is provided by the dedicated Procolored team, from setup to training to troubleshooting.  

The L1800 package comes with everything needed to start printing right away. With easy setup and even easier use, as well as beautiful results every time, the L1800 direct-to-film printer from Procolored is the best option available on the market.

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