Treating COVID and COVID Related Complications Using Integrated Medicine – The 6th World Conference on Integrative Medicine Hosted by the World Congress of Integrative Medicine

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Treating COVID and COVID Related Complications Using Integrated Medicine – The 6th World Conference on Integrative Medicine Hosted by the World Congress of Integrative Medicine

December 07
02:19 2022

The 2022 World Congress of Integrative Medicine Conference attracts the attention of hundreds of media outlets both in the US and overseas. As the world continues to fight COVID-19 and new COVID variances are increasing around the world, especially when the epidemic is accompanied by colds and flu, which has overwhelmed hospitals around the world. Countries around the world have re-emerged with their healthcare system in a critical state. For example, the number of infected patients in Los Angeles County has tripled recently. Healthcare professionals continue to explore how to block and prevent the spread of the new corona viruses, how to treat complications and other long-term effects.

The 6th World Conference on Integrative Medicine, hosted by the World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies, will be held in-person and online from December 16th to 21st. The organizing committee includes Dr. Wang Yingqiu, Chairman of the conference, and Honorary Master of Traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Shi xue min, Dr.  Wei Guikang, and Dr. Li Diangui; scholars including Dr. Yu Mengsun, Dr. Huang Zhengmin, Dr. Wang Qiaohua, Dr. Wei Kun, and Dr. Zhang Caifang. Internationally recognized anti-epidemic heroes Dr. Fang Bangjiang, Dr.  KHui (Ucla), Dr. Zhang Weijun, Dr. Zhou Huijun( Stanford University), Dr. Cheng Xiaoming (Harvard University), Dr. Zhang Wenli, Dr. Liu Feng (Beijing University), and other internationally known doctors including Dr. Guo Tingyin, Dr. Jiang Dan, Dr. Tian  Haihe, Dr. Chen Yemeng, Dr. Lu Biao, Dr. Jack Fu, Dr. Su Huachang, Dr. Zhang Haisheng, Dr. Xin changsan, Dr.Lin Danqian, Dr. Yang Guanhu, Dr. Zhu Zhenggao, Dr.Yang Janyv, Dr.Wang Defeng, Dr.Tang Shulan, Dr. Ren liping, Dr.Yuan Bingsheng, Dr. Zhen Jianhua, Dr. Tang Teijun, Dr. Wang Zhongbin, Dr. Hu Meiying, Dr. Zhang Lili, Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, Dr. Lu Zhipeng and more than 100 Chinese and Western medicine experts from around the world will present at the conference.

Strokes are common in autumn and winter, especially in the case of compromised immunity caused by the new COVID variances.  The number of stroke patients has increased dramatically in the past few years. People in Southeast Asia know that stroke must be treated with acupuncture, but Westerners don’t know the curative effect of acupuncture on stroke. Treating stroke using Western medicine in the acute phase is effective; yet the best approach to treat stroke related long-term complications is to use acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, Physical Therapy, Occupation Therapy, Speech Therapy, bloodletting and Cupping, Qigong and Tai Chi exercises.  

The Executive Chairman of the conference, Professor Jack Fu, President of the American Martial Arts and Integrative Medicine said that this conference will actively promote Western doctors to accept and integrate Chinese acupuncture, cupping, Tai Chi and Medical Qigong as integrated treatments to treat stroke patients.  This integrated approach will help patients recover faster.

The conference has specially invited top stroke experts including Dr. Shi Xuemin, Dr. Jiao Shunfa (Neuro-Acupuncture Inventor), Dr. Wang Yingqiu, Dr. Ren Yuelin, Dr. Zhang Ying (Spine), Dr. Lu Shengchun (Flat Needle Acupuncture), Dr. Li Ye( Spine Expert ), Dr. Jack Fu(Qi Acupuncture), Dr. Huang Guojian (Blade Acupuncture), Dr. Shi Yajie (Flat Needle Acupuncture), Dr. Qian Dejin  (Vertical and Horizontal Acupuncture), Dr. Xiao Muru (Neuro-Acupuncture), Dr. Jing Zaiping (Surgeon), Dr. Fan Fu (Rehabilitation),  Dr. Lin Shengqin (Bloodletting), Dr. Lin Zhengtai (Dong acupuncture), Dr. Li Ronggang (Tianyi Acupuncture), Dr. Chao Shihe, (Mang Acupuncture), Dr. Wu Lifeng (Stem Cell Expert), Dr. Chen Pingqing (Fuzheng Acupuncture), Dr. Dan Chaoyang (Flat Needle Acupuncture), Dr. Ouyang Hui (Spine Expert), Steven Rosenblatt, MD, Lac, Dr. Edward Wagner (Chiropractor), Dr. Jacob Bastomski (Chiropractor), Dr. Richard Rogachefsky, MD, David Elliott (Nutrition) and many other top medical practitioners and researchers.

California law permits acupuncturists to teach patients to practice Tai Chi and Qigong for 10-15 minutes and the insurance company will pay $60-$80 US dollars, but there are no basic or minimum standards required. Therefore, the World Federation of Integrative Medicine is preparing to establish Tai Chi and Qigong Medical Exercise Prescription Standards Committee to bring together well-known experts in this field to discuss and formulate standards and provide training.

(Congresswomen Judy Chu – A strong supporter of acupuncture legislation)

Inputs and recommendations are welcome from the practitioners and the public.  The conference organizers encourage people from all walks of life to participate. Experts can become members and help establish teaching standards.  The following experts will be part of the committee to establish teaching standards, including Chairman Zhu Miansheng of France who successfully applied acupuncture to be recognized as World Heritage, Weng Qixiu of the Tai Chi Alliance of American Universities, and Jeff Lin, Dean of the School of Tai Chi, Qigong and Martial Arts of the American International University of Medicine, Dr. Shibin, Dr. Liu Liu Dong, Dr. Fang Guoxuan (Berkeley), Master Fu QingQuan, Master Zhao Youbin, Master Ren Gang, Master Liu Sui Bin, Master Frank Wu, and Mr. Bill Douglas of World Tai Chi Day…

The co-organizers of this conference include: University East West Medicine,; China Medical Education Association, World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Critical Care Special Committee; All-European Federation of Chinese Medicine Experts; Australian Society of Chinese Medicine; Canadian Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Alliance;  Nuclear University, Canadian Home of Traditional Chinese Medicine, American Institute of Martial Arts, Joint Promotion Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Macao, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Shiyuantang (Beijing) International Medical Research Institute,  Akamai University, American Association of l Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, American College Tai Chi Alliance, Chinese National Health Association, Zhongan Guokang Technology (Shenzhen) Group, Global Dragon TV, Beijing TV “Health 520” Show, China Safety Industry Association, and Asia-Pacific Academy of Sciences.

Other Co-organizers include World General Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Physicians’ World Federation of Manipulative Medicine, World Federation of Chinese Medicine, Neuro-Acupuncture Committee, World Federation of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture Professional Committee, France Huang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japan Chiropractic Association…

The Conference sponsors include: Nantong Mishuifang (Home Science Co., Ltd.), CAI of the United States, LinWei Biotechnology, smart medicine to investigate the cause of disease,  Li Chuncai, Chairman of the special committee include, Dr. Li Yujin, Chairman of Lucky Energy Acupuncture, and Dr. Huang Guojian, Chairman of the Canadian Integrative Medicine Branch.

The Executive Chairman of the conference, Professor Gao Jinjiang stated that the Chinese sub-venue is scheduled to be held at Crowne Plaza Hotel Shenzhen Haoriyue from December 17th to 18th, 2022, Beijing time. The luxurious hotel venue can accommodate over 400 people. Scholars from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shenzhen University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences will attend in person.  

Academicians including Dr. Yu Mengsun, Dr. Shi Xuemin, Dr. He Yuerong, Dr. Jia Li, as well as professors and experts including Dr. Zhu Zhenggao, Dr. Sun Xiaosheng, Dr. Lai Xiaoping, Dr. Tang Xianmin, Dr. Zou Xiaohui, Dr. Cai Xinhe, Dr. Huang Yuhe, Dr. Wang Jun, Dr. Zhao Zhiyang, Dr. Liu Hainan, Dr. Hou Shengtian, Dr. Gao Jinglian… will also attend and present keynote speeches on the safety of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and treatment; and will interacted with the audience on-site, online, and live.  

The Foundation and the Institute of Photon Life Sciences of Traditional Chinese Medicine will also launch the “Special Fund for the Rehabilitation of Children with Cerebral Palsy.”  The launching ceremony and the promotion of students’ admission of the Asian branch of the American International University of Medicine will be held at the conference.

The conference will be held from December 16th to 18th. Major topics include:

  • Prevention and treatment of various short-term and long-term complications caused by the new COVID variances.
  • New and innovative theories and technology in weight management and sleep therapy.
  • “National Night of Great Health for All” located at the University of East West Medicine in Silicon Valley, the headquarters of the World Federation of Integrative Medicine Societies, will be held from 6:00-7:30pm on December 18th, 2022.  
  • Stroke Symposium and Tai Chi, Qigong Medical Prescription Special Training, will be held from December 19-21, 2022, providing 48 continuing education credits, plus 8 hours bonus credit hours for practitioners located in California and other states.

The general public is warmly invited to participate!  Complimentary Tai Chi and Qigong medical practice prescriptions will be offered to ALL participants and families around the world to improve immunity, prevent coronavirus infection, and relieve short and long-term complications and public health.  

Please visit our website: or to register for admission link.

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