iPiX Is Set to Revolutionize Mobile Photography, Available for iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max and 13 Pro/Pro Max Models Which Promises to Enhance Picture Quality

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iPiX Is Set to Revolutionize Mobile Photography, Available for iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max and 13 Pro/Pro Max Models Which Promises to Enhance Picture Quality

December 06
19:52 2022
The innovative iPiX cases for iPhone 14 and 13 Pro/Pro Max series give users an edge in taking pictures with added quality and improved sophistication

iPhones have a great camera and picture quality. People who are into mobile photography and those who just love to take pictures with their phones choose iPhone products over other phone brands. Today, iPiX is thrilled to announce the launch of its cutting-edge technology that improves the quality of iPhone cameras. People use their phone cameras every day and for a lot of reasons and iPiX wants to enhance the results they get when they take pictures regardless of the motivation behind it.

iPiX announced the launch of its new case for iPhone 14 and 13 Pro/Pro Max models which is equipped with technology to help iPhone users take better photos with exceptional quality. This new technology is basically iPhone cameras on steroids. The company added that the new iPhone case is available for pre-order on Kickstarter as the company is looking to raise funds to complete its production and begin distribution worldwide.

“With iPiX, you can turn your phone into a photography accessory with the least budget,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “At first glance, iPiX is a case, but it’s much more than a case. It’s a magic box in your hand that will help you take magnificent photos– and much more! iPix is the ultimate companion to your iPhone.”

Among the many features of the iPiX case is its lens compartment. The case comes with a range of lenses that are used in professional photography, and the user can turn their iPhone into a photography accessory in a matter of seconds. The dimmable light at the front and back of the device is also a prominent feature for content creators and anyone looking to take better photos on the go. With a wireless charging feature, the iPiX case charges itself which prevents it from draining the phone’s battery while providing support if needed.

The iPiX case is compatible with professional photography equipment such as tripods. It comes with a built-in hotshoe adapter which is the standard screw adapter used in photography accessories. Users will also be able to move files from their iPhones to a USB flash drive or SD card connected to the case. This is possible because of the small add-on dongle on the case. The dongle also allows users to connect USB accessories such as mouse and keyboards to their iPhones.

Furthermore, the iPiX case comes with an HDMI port that is perfect for teachers, students, and anyone who needs to have a presentation while on the go. Through the HDMI port, users can turn their iPhone devices into portable projectors.

iPiX has the potential to be one of the best accessories for iPhone, and the range of possibilities it offers makes it a perfect gift for loved ones. From content creators to business owners and professional photographers, and even people looking for a way to take professional-grade photos without spending a lot of money, iPiX is bound to become a favorite iPhone accessory.

To support the production and launch of the iPiX case for iPhone 13 and 14 Pro/Pro Max, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ipix1/386502055?ref=9k7r6y&token=a9397626.

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