Author Michael C. Edwards’ top-rated self-help book “Never Listen to an Idiot” is a No “B.S.” Guide to Common Sense

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Author Michael C. Edwards’ top-rated self-help book “Never Listen to an Idiot” is a No “B.S.” Guide to Common Sense

December 06
23:19 2022
“Never Listen to an Idiot” is a sought-after entertaining and perceptive book that helps readers become more Mindful while improving their listening skills and enables them to learn both the psychological and philosophical basis that forms a person’s predilections to propaganda and manipulation. It is a self-improvement Guide that helps readers navigate through a jungle of propaganda and challenging media assaults.

Renowned author Michael C. Edwards’ highly regarded book, “Never Listen to an Idiot,” a self-help and human resources book that allows readers to learn how to survive in a media-rich world, continues to make waves in digital bookstores globally.  Chapter examples include:

1. An Idiot’s Journey
2. Tools of the Trade
3. The Marketing of America
4. The Politics of Media
5. The Idiot Zones

According to Edwards, the book illustrates and exposes propaganda games being played on people –– from personal relationships, to small business, to mega-corporations, all trying to manipulate behavior. It presents a mindful approach to self-awareness through better listening.

“Intentional Listening empowers you. It makes you a more effective communicator,” Edwards tells the press.

Through the book, readers get to develop skills to fend off so-called “B.S. merchants” through better communication. Edwards writes, “Communication is our connection to our universe. How we deliver and receive a message requires a developed skill and knowledge of social manipulation games.” 

Reviewer, D. Lewis, commended the author for bringing such a timely self-improvement book that tackles discernment as the key to a person’s survival.

“Learn how to identify when The Art of the Deal is being cloaked as The Art of the Steal. If you prefer empowerment over being duped or programmed, then this book is well worth the read,” Lewis wrote in a review on Amazon.

Michael C. Edwards, the author, earned a Master of Science degree and has vast knowledge and experience in business and communications. Edwards is a former university professor of Digital Cinema, and an award-winning film producer, screenwriter, and film and TV director. He has a professional background as a multi-media lecturer and consultant, a marketing specialist, and a licensed clinical psychologist. 

Readers who want to learn the propaganda games, causes, and techniques the media uses to manipulate our behavior may purchase the book by visiting its Amazon link at Others who wish to learn more about Michael C. Edwards and his top-rated book may check out for more information.

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