Advantages Of Automatic Welding Technology With The Continuous Advancement

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Advantages Of Automatic Welding Technology With The Continuous Advancement

December 06
17:28 2022

With the continuous advancement of modern science and technology, the application of automation technology in people’s lives is becoming more and more extensive, and the application range in the welding industry is also expanding. At present, automatic welding has become an efficient, convenient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly welding method, and its application range involves all walks of life and has received extensive attention from the industry.

1. Principle of automatic welding technology

The automatic welding technology organically combines the principles of welding, automatic control, and mechanical movement to realize the automation of the welding process. Taking automated pipeline welding as an example, automatic pipeline welding equipment (also known as all-position pipeline automatic welding machine, automatic pipeline welding machine, etc.) generally consists of the following parts: welding head, wireless remote control, wire feeder, welding power supply Wait. During on-site pipeline construction, because the pipeline is fixed, all-position automatic welding can only be realized by means of a welding trolley crawling around the pipeline (currently, track or magnetic models are mainly used to realize all-position welding of pipelines).

2. Advantages of automated welding technology

So far, according to the status quo of welding field, automatic welding has been applied in many fields. The following are the advantages of automatic welding technology

1) Reduce labor costs and improve welding efficiency:

In terms of enterprise cost, the efficiency of automatic welding technology has been significantly improved, and labor costs have been greatly reduced. In today’s difficult and expensive recruitment, automatic welding technology has greatly eased the labor cost of enterprises, thus greatly reducing the input cost of enterprises.

2) Reduce welding strength and risk:

Welding is considered a job that is hazardous to the health of workers due to its difficulty. For example, arc light, smoke, and high temperature produced by manual arc welding have a great impact on the human body. Simultaneously, long-time handle welding operation is relatively labor-intensive for the operator. With the application of automatic welding technology, operators can fine-tune through wireless remote control to realize automatic welding, which not only reduces the labor intensity of workers but also further alleviates the pressure and harm caused by manual welding to workers.

3) The welding quality is significantly improved:

Handle welding quality is affected by many human factors, such as the welder’s physical fitness, welder skills, welder’s working hours, mood, proficiency, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to complete the high-strength welding work only by manual work Ensure welding quality. The use of automatic welding equipment can significantly improve welding quality while improving welding efficiency. With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, the automation of welding products is the general trend.

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