Ireland-Based Investment Company Caipiteal Scientifically Proves that Santa Claus is Real, Shares Justification for the Personality Behind Christmas Gifts

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Ireland-Based Investment Company Caipiteal Scientifically Proves that Santa Claus is Real, Shares Justification for the Personality Behind Christmas Gifts

December 06
15:11 2022
Caipiteal is pleased to announce its findings which scientifically and mathematically justifies the existence of Santa Claus

Every Christmas, children look forward to gifts from a named figure called Santa Claus. As Christmas approaches, the euphoria cannot be contained. Kids barely sleep on Christmas Eve as they wonder what Santa would give them for Christmas that year. Aside from making snowmen, having family around, eating homemade food, and the many other perks of the Christmas season, Santa Claus is unarguably the most important part of Christmas for children.

Over the years, the true identity of Santa Claus has been questioned. Some school of thoughts and individuals have questioned the existence of Santa Claus and tried to debunk the idea as being untrue. Others have attempted to prove that Santa Claus is real but the debate of Santa Claus’ identity seems to linger. Today, Caipiteal, an investment company in Ireland has released its findings on the actual existence of Santa Claus. The company conducted a scientific and mathematical research to justify the identity of Santa Claus to lay to bed all claims of an unknown Santa Claus.

To prove that Santa is real, Caipiteal partnered with its band of True Believers in Santa as they sought to provide evidence to back up their claims. “For centuries those who are against the Magick of Christmas have been spreading lies that Santa isn’t real,” explained a spokesperson for Caipiteal. “These lies have been everywhere, in songs, TV shows, movies. These lies are, and have always been, driven by naughty list members who infuriated the media and government.”

The research to prove that Santa is real couldn’t come at a better time than this. Caipiteal wanted to increase the Christmas spirit across the globe and what better way to do so than provide a justification for one of the central figures of Christmas. The parties involved, Caipiteal and the True Believers in Santa band, achieved both goals and put forward a summary for their findings.

In their words, “In an infinite multiverse, we know we live this life an infinite number of times and that means that in an infinite number of those lives Santa is 100% real. The experience you have lived, moment by moment, 100% has a multiversal permutation where Santa is real. No matter what happens, that will always be FACT. The Naughty list members spreading lies everywhere and have gotten stronger but math and science can’t be proven wrong.”

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