Corporate And Commercial Law Firm, GZ Legal, Offers Affordable Patent Filing In The UK

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Corporate And Commercial Law Firm, GZ Legal, Offers Affordable Patent Filing In The UK

December 06
02:04 2022
The experienced boutique law firm, GZ Legal, offers a variety of services, including the affordable filing of patents in the United Kingdom. This service saves businesses money while putting the filing into experienced and trusted hands.

Filing patents in any country can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive. The process is complex, especially if it’s in a country the business isn’t familiar with or hasn’t worked in before. Filing a single patent typically costs £4,000 in the United Kingdom and anywhere from $10k-20k in the United States. This difficult and pricey legal process is necessary for many companies, regardless of whether they have the budget for the cost or the expertise to file the patent themselves.

That’s where GZ Legal comes in. Their highly experienced team of legal experts knows the patent filing process in and out, taking the stress away from the company.

GZ Legal and the benefits of their patent filing services

With over 100 trusting and happy clients, GZ Legal was created by duo Malcolm and Lia. Together they built a small team of professional lawyers who excel at their jobs. Each lawyer on the team has a unique focus and specialty that makes them an invaluable member of the overall firm.

Based in the UK, GZ Legal offers corporate and commercial law services ranging from contract reviews to trademark registration to mergers and acquisitions.

One of their key services is patent filing in the UK. Patents protect the intellectual property of a business and allow them to be the sole seller of a new product for a set amount of time. This highly valuable legal process protects a business’s property and income.

While most patent costs are high, GZ Legal is able to offer their expertise for the typical price of £2,967, vs. the usual £4,000 it would cost. Not only is using them more affordable, but the team is also highly experienced at filing patents, which makes them far more trustworthy in completing this important legal process.


GZ Legal is a great option for any corporate and commercial law needs. Their team is experienced and professional, with affordable prices for their all-star work.

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