Eagle, as the completed ecological value integrated platform, will be the latest Web3 investment windfall.

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Eagle, as the completed ecological value integrated platform, will be the latest Web3 investment windfall.

December 05
22:40 2022

It’s difficult to believe that the concept of cryptocurrency didn’t surface until the 1980s, given how quickly recent conversations have centered on it. Since then, the concept of cryptocurrency has evolved into Bitcoin, a digital token that trades hands at a price of over $27,000. The total value of all cryptocurrencies rose by 2% in the last week, reaching $850 billion. Despite the uptrend that began on November 20 and subsequent gains, investors are still bearish on the market as a whole, and prices are down 63.5% so far this year.

Nowadays the market is full of desire and greed, people are impetuous, and the project team just wants to earn and scam. Regardless of whether the project is static, dynamic, focused on first-level or second-level, most of them are just greedy teams that want to get money from the investors’ pocket. The token itself is a financial attribute, and it has bubbles. Coupled with the violate mode or tokenomics, the bubbles are invisibly increased, and the investors will mostly suffer from it.

Going back to the purest cryptocurrency project, Eagle focused on expanding the community consensus and building a complete ecosystem.

Eagle project is an official registered foundation under ACRA Singapore, making the project certified as a legal company. As officially registered under the Singapore Foundation meant that the project is a non-profit legal person created following these Regulations to engage in public welfare utilizing property supplied by natural persons, legal persons, or other organizations. The EAGLE project is aiming that every investor will HOLD the token as they are building a complete ecosystem that will maximize the utilities of their token and create value for investors.

The Eagle project aiming to go back to the purest of tokens, not adding in any mode or features to the token but only expand the community consensus and build a complete ecosystem. The project wanted to let investors disperse and hold together, and at the same time create a closed ecosystem so that the tokens can be circulated. For that we chose to collaborate with China’s direct sales team to fully disperse the amount of token. Because the direct sales team spends the same price to buy in the early stage to get the corresponding token for free. They knew nothing about the tokens at the beginning but the belief in the token is beneficial, so the consensus can be truly reached. So as long as there is a good ecology and a strong consensus, this coin will definitely become a light in the darkness.

A Strategic Partnership That Increase The Ecological Values

In order to create a complete and strong ecosystem values for the community and holders, the Eagle project has reached a strategic cooperation with the GD Groups from Malaysia. Together, they are aiming to bring in more varieties and different utilities to the project ecosystem including on-chain farms, on-chain entertainment, on-chain malls and more

With its principal activities in real estate, property development and property investment, GD Holdings has grown into a highly respected leader in the industry. GD Holdings cares for the furtherance of building an avant-garde society. Limitless efforts are executed aptly based on adroit schemes to build more in a strategic place. GD Holdings believes it can contribute more into the economic and social growth, integration of cutting-edge green technologies and modernistic systems into GD Holdings’ development projects.  We strive to provide a 5-star quality facility with an affordable and competitive price. Aspiring to be one of the top developers in Malaysia, we emphasize more on the minute details of the daily routine of people’s lives too. Today, its remarkable rise to prominence is admired by many.

Dato’ Sri Yeat Sew Chuong is the founder and major shareholder of GD Holdings and the group of companies with numerous successful undertakings, award winning and financially rewarding projects. He was the first Malaysian to be awarded “The Outstanding Young Person of the World (TOYP) Award” by Junior Chamber International in 2003, under the Business, Economic and Entrepreneurial Accomplishment Category.

He has extensive experience in the business world, not only in Malaysia but also globally, especially in the China mainland market for over 30 years. Through his personal network and business network, he has successfully facilitated numerous international cooperation and foreign direct investment into Malaysia.

Complete Ecosystem – Build For The Community

With the on-chain game and marketplace as the main part of the ecosystem, the foundation also reached a strategic cooperation with the Durian Garden at Malaysia to create a new app which is expected to be launched in February 2023. In the first phase, 888 durian trees will be developed and open for members to purchase voluntarily. Each tree will cost 500 eagle coins. Tree cycle is divided into 1 month and 3 months. After completing the planting task, they will get 5% and 25% of the Eagle token income respectively as well as durian pieces. Collect 4 durian pieces to get the real top-quality Musang King durian issued by the durian garden in Malaysia.

About the on-chain game, it is based on China’s Happy Landlord. Players will exchange their Eagle coins for equivalent game beans. The game market contains necessaries that are needed for life like rice, noodle, oil, beauty products, digital products, etc. The game model is different from the gambling system, and it is also higher than the other similar games. Players usually can’t withdraw their in-game coins as cash or exchanges as real life products on other games, but in Eagle on-chain game, coins can be converted into game beans, and beans can be exchanged for commodities. At present, the chain game types included are Landlord, Texas Poker, more fun and competitive games will be added in the later stage.

Last but not least, The project will attract a lot of high-quality merchants to enter their on-chain mall. Corresponding Eagle coins will be collected as a deposit, and all the profits obtained by each commodity mall will enter the ecological pool cycle. In the near future, the project team is aiming to create a huge on-chain mall in the global market for everyone.

Currently, the project is ready for the launching on 9th December. Most of the private sales tokens are now distributed to the traditional marketing team offline by buying a certain amount of products to get the tokens in return. Everyone is limited to one order to purchase products worth 3,000 RMB to get 350 tokens in return. Until now, the project team has sold 15,000 orders in total! And because this first batch of private sales buyers are new to crypto and it makes their consensus and belief in the project stronger than the others! The complete ecosystem is now developed and the project team has put in maximum efforts to bring in more Web2 people into the project, and after this, a new Metaverse on Web3 will be built for everyone to join the Eagle Community.

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