Top 5 Lessons from a Challenging but Successful 2022

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Top 5 Lessons from a Challenging but Successful 2022

December 05
16:28 2022
Top 5 Lessons from a Challenging but Successful 2022

Elyse Lupin is President and Founder of Elysium Marketing Group, a full-service marketing agency in Philadelphia specializing in food and franchise. She is a wife, mom of 2, avid tennis player, and music enthusiast. In this article Elyse clearly articulates not only the challenges but the successes. Elyse states:

1. Don’t try to be everything for everyone – in business and home life

As a type A personality, this one was super difficult to come to terms with. I intentionally grew my agency with subject matter experts to grow leads and design gorgeous marketing campaigns. That way, when a prospective client wanted to work with us, I was confident we could tackle whatever came our way. We were also really succeeding in digital marketing and in the food and franchise industries. It was a tough call to make, but I decided we were no longer going to offer some ancillary services and we were going to niche down to the franchise and food industries. It was clear we were strong in PPC, SEO, social ads, and those two industries, it just made sense to focus our energy and talents there.

On a similar note, at home I realized I could no longer do all the “Mom” things I had grown up with – my mother stayed at home so that’s where her focus was. I had to make peace with the fact things looked different at our house and I couldn’t do everything the way my mom did. I had to be ok that my husband does most of the cooking and we have help where we need it. I needed to let go of some control in both of those areas of my life so I could spend more time doing what was really needed for work and home.

2. Ride out the Highs and Lows

When I started my business, both my husband and father gave me good advice. My husband quoted his high school football coach who would repeat, “never too high and never too low,” while my father said to be prepared for the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Lucky me for having them in my life since they were both correct. Being an entrepreneur literally means one day you think you’ve got it all figured out and the next you’re not sure how you’re going to do it all. As a very passionate person, it is incredibly hard for me to not get super excited when things are going extremely well and super upset when they are not. Talk about a rollercoaster. It’s a work in progress, but I do try to tell myself that in the eight years of Elysium, I’ve seen a lot of fluctuations and it all works itself out.

3. Find Something Outside of Work that Makes you Happy

For me, playing tennis is how I unwind. I’ve played my entire life, so when I’m on the tennis court I feel whole. I don’t have my phone on me. I only have my racket in my hand and competition on my mind. On the court I don’t have to worry about a client campaign or a child’s sick day. I am solely me out there, pushing myself to hit a better backhand and leaving my worries behind. I gave up tennis for a few years when I had my children, and I was slow to get back to it. Honestly, it was hard not to be as good as I was in my youth. But when I finally started playing again, I felt like a piece of me was back in place, and it felt amazing. We all need outlets other than work and family to fulfill ourselves and recharge to be our best at the office and home.

4. Make Decisions Quickly by Educating Yourself

I mentioned highs and lows earlier, and there are a lot of them from week to week. I’ve found that when I’m in a predicament, it’s best for me to take time to read articles or talk to mentors who have experience in what I’m trying to navigate. This helps me make an educated decision and get out of my own way. I know I have two options: overthink the situation for an extended period of time or educate myself and take action. Taking action is the way to go. I’ve learned that in most cases, it’s helpful to gain more knowledge and then make a decision swiftly. Don’t sit on something that probably won’t matter in a year but feels large in the moment.

5. Use Music to Get Through the Day

Music is something that easily lifts my spirits and can turn my mood around. When I’m working on writing content or mapping out a client’s marketing strategy, I play my favorite music in the background like Van Morrison or Chris Stapleton. And when I want to pump up my team after a big win or before a large brainstorm, we listen to P!nk to get our bodies and minds flowing with excitement and ideas. I’ve found you can’t go wrong with a good jam.

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