The UnWipe Company Is Making Bathroom Habits Environmentally Responsible And Friendly

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The UnWipe Company Is Making Bathroom Habits Environmentally Responsible And Friendly

December 05
16:25 2022
To stop the negative environmental impacts from “flushable” wipes, The UnWipe Company has developed an eco-friendly alternative that still meets everyone’s bathroom hygiene needs. The UnWipe transforms any toilet paper into a powerful wipes replacement, ending the need for harmful “flushable” wipes.

Bathroom hygiene is necessary, but some of the ways to achieve it are damaging to the environment. “Flushable” wipes are commonly used to clean intimate areas—100 billion are used every year, or enough to fill the Empire State Building twice with soiled fabric. This item is the biggest culprit for harm caused to the environment by bathroom hygiene and should never be flushed no matter how the package is labeled. Many places are beginning to ban the use of wipes because of the harm they cause. 

Most people desire to be environmentally conscious, but if the solution is inconvenient or takes away something as crucial as bathroom hygiene, it becomes difficult for people to change. This is where The UnWipe Company comes in. They’ve developed a great alternative that is just as convenient as wipes but way friendlier to the environment and the wallet. This product is easy to switch to and can make a huge difference for Earth since it causes no harm.

Why to ditch wipes now

People want to be environmentally responsible but still have the convenience and comfort of the habits and items they’re used to. This movement towards eco-friendly habits and purchases has been seen even more in the younger generations. What defines the perfect environmentally friendly product? A product that is proven to be mindful of the environment while providing the same or better results as the original option. 

“Flushable” wipes are known to be damaging to the environment. They pollute land and water, and they don’t biodegrade like toilet paper does. This means they have to be manually removed from sewers and brought to landfills instead. As wipes are a single-use disposable item wrapped in plastic packaging, those who use them have to repeatedly purchase them—a wasteful household expense that makes the “flushable” wipes industry a $3 billion market that causes more than $1 billion of damage. 

Toilet paper is designed to dissolve rapidly in water, making it far friendlier to the environment and sewer systems. The problem is that toilet paper alone really doesn’t cut it for complete cleanliness. The UnWipe Company has developed a solution that transforms any toilet paper into the ideal material for true cleanliness and environmental responsibility. 

The UnWipe replaces wipes

While toilet paper is by far the more environmentally conscious choice than wipes, it needs a boost to really make it work properly. The UnWipe takes dry toilet paper and changes it to be stronger, textured, and a little bit wet, and that cleans the body’s nooks and crannies better. 

The UnWipe is a silicone rubber device into which clean toilet paper is pressed. This press puts a small amount of water into the toilet paper and molds it into a better shape, creating big texture that cleans the body much better. 

Once used, this transformed toilet paper is flushed like normal. This device can be used with any toilet paper and regular water, making it easy and convenient to use. Not only does it eliminate single-use pollution, but it only needs to be purchased once, and neither the product nor the packaging contains plastic. 


Safe for use by everyone and environmentally responsible, The UnWipe will level up a person’s eco-conscious habits without causing inconvenience to them. The device is for both men and women and perfectly sized to take on the go as well, making it ideal for travel everywhere. 

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