Local Records Office Exposes Signs Homebuyers Might Have Purchased a Cheap Flip House

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Local Records Office Exposes Signs Homebuyers Might Have Purchased a Cheap Flip House

December 04
05:13 2022
Local Records Office Exposes Signs Homebuyers Might Have Purchased a Cheap Flip House
The SoCal company “Local Records Office” reveals how home flippers are buying cheap homes across California to do quick fixes and flip them for serious cash. The Local Records Office advises homebuyers to avoid these types of houses since it will cost buyers a lot more in the end.

Local Records Office in Los Angeles, California has seen an increase in cheaply made flipped homes. Cheaply made homes are houses that are typically in bad shape and are sold for less. These houses are bought by investors and or flippers that will fix attempt to repair the home but will use cheap materials. Cheap material won’t last long and will usually cost more to remove and fix it. Flipped homes might have a nice look to them but will usually have numerous cut corners. If the home was gutted and cheaply renovated, it will be a headache for homeowners in the future.

These types of homes were usually in a bad state and an investor saw it as a way to make a quick buck. The investor will buy the property for as low as he or she can and fix it as cheaply as possible.

“Spotting a cheap fixer-upper is usually easy. The windows will be crocked, the tub will have extra space, and the light fixtures will be wrong. This is usually done by stingy fixer-upper wannabe contractor,” says Andy Lorenz, a 25-year experienced contractor in downtown Los Angeles, California.

“Contractors and investors are always looking for ways to save a buck and cut corners, but these cheaply fixed homes can be frustrating and will most likely cause the new homebuyer more money to fix.” Says Lorenz. The easiest ways to spot these homes are by seeing how perfectly they tried to repair them. There isn’t a home out there that is perfect from inch to an inch.

No Permits

Local Records Office points out that there are a lot of articles online that have exposed homes for not having the proper permits.  If the contractor didn’t have the proper permits it usually means that they cut corners and the home is not up to today’s building standards.”

A homebuyer that knows what he or she is doing will go to the local city hall and check what permits have been pulled. Buyers should also see how many times the work failed before it finally passed. Unfortunately, some repairs don’t require permits and that’s when things get tricky.

New Paint in Only Certain Areas

New paint can refresh a property, but it can also hide cheaply done repairs. The most common areas are usually old cabinets that have been poorly painted over. Another thing to look for is a poorly painted wall to cover up old paint, this is a clear indication that money was running out.

Inconsistency in the Flooring

A clear sign of poor craftsmanship is uneven floors, areas with different tiles, or various heights. Discoloring might be a sign of previous or current water damage. Water damage is one of the worst things that can happen o a home.

Mismatched Plumbing

A red flag can be new and old plumbing combined into one. The easiest way to see if this can be an issue is by turning on the shower and flushing the toilet to see if the water pressure slows down.

Weak water pressure can be annoying in many ways. This usually means that only one water outlet can be used at a time. This means if someone is showering no one else in the home can be using the sink.

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