WIS has launched scientific and effective skincare products and listed on Amazon

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WIS has launched scientific and effective skincare products and listed on Amazon

December 02
21:00 2022

WIS upholds the concept of researching effective skincare, developed and launched a variety of scientific and effective skincare products and listed on Amazon, which are favored by the majority of skincare enthusiasts.

WIS developers found that users’ requirements for a skincare product are all-rounded, considering both the product’s improvement effect on the skin and the sense of use, i.e., the product’s safety, gentleness, and skin feel. After research, the WIS developers concluded that it was too inefficient to evaluate all the characteristics of a product in one session, and there was a high risk of error, which did not meet the requirements of product development rigor. Therefore, they set up a systematic development process with six major processes: raw material testing, formulation stability testing, skin feel testing, efficacy testing, packaging material suitability, and pre-production testing.

About the material testing.

To ensure the quality, the WIS R&D engineers set up a material audit mechanism. WIS R&D engineers first test the raw materials to verify that their safety meets the R&D requirements of the WIS R&D office. In the selection of raw materials, WIS also attaches great importance to the strength of the cooperative suppliers. At present, the main raw material suppliers of WIS are Rahn-Group, Symrise, DSM, etc., all of which are world-class chemical companies.

About the stability testing.

WIS refines the proportion to ensure the produce quality. The stability of the product is an important criterion for the WIS developers to test the product formula. The more stable the quality of the product, the less likely it is to change during production, transportation and use, and the less likely it is to produce dangerous substances, the safer it is. After at least one month of testing, the stability of the formula can be guaranteed to meet the standards of the R&D lab.

About Skin feel testing.

During the research of the new prodecuts, WIS invited hundreds of subjects to try the samples and only after the majority satisfaction with the skin feel, the product formulation is finalized. To give users a better experience, WIS is constantly optimizing the experience of using the product.

About efficacy testing.

WIS invites volunteers to use the product and presents the results in the form of an efficacy test report. In order to make the report as scientific as possible, WIS developers carry out experimental design, including designing the experimental method, screening the population for product efficacy needs, and preparing product usage guidelines for the participating volunteers. Each step of the process requires consideration of various requirements, such as population screening, which involves screening for various characteristics such as age range, skin type, and skin sensitivity.

Volunteers participate in the Hydration Quiz

Currently, WIS developers uses multiple testing methods including VISIA skin testers for photo efficacy analysis, patch tests, and histamine tests, providing relevant data to analyze efficacy.

When the product is put into production, the raw materials on a large scale must also be consistent with the raw materials in the laboratory.  WIS R&D conducts 3 different dimensional tests on the packaging material suitability test, the production material test, and the trial production process to ensure the suitability of packaging materials and products.

About WIS

WIS adheres to the brand concept of “researching effective skincare”, and continues to introduce more high-quality products for consumers

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