EcoFreax Spearheading the “Green” Revolution, Presenting Top-of-the-line Zero-Waste Personal Care Products

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EcoFreax Spearheading the “Green” Revolution, Presenting Top-of-the-line Zero-Waste Personal Care Products

December 01
23:42 2022
EcoFreax is a premier Canadian retailer of eco friendly personal care products, offering a broad range of sustainable hair, oral, skin, and bath products at highly approachable prices.

Inorganic self-care products are easier and cheaper to produce and are hence more accessible to the general public. Many consumers daily use numerous products containing harsh chemicals simply because they are easier to access on a cash-strapped budget.

According to EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) research, an average consumer uses approximately 12 products with harsh chemicals, which consequentially leads to exposure to 168 unique chemicals daily. To curb this trend and present a safer, more environmentally-friendly option to consumers across all compass points, EcoFreax was founded. 

Hailing from Canada, EcoFreax is among the leading retailers of premium quality zero-waste personal care products, sourcing the “greenest” toothbrushes, creams, conditioners, facial cleansers, makeup removers, balms, and other vegan products comprised of natural ingredients. 

As imparted by the company’s spokesperson, EcoFreax is on a mission to revolutionize the zero-waste product market by becoming a one-stop shop for all consumers searching for quality eco-friendly products. Having discovered that more and more people are seeking natural products but are struggling to find a trustworthy, reliable supplier, EcoFreax has created a comprehensive eco-friendly series of products with which it aims to spearhead the green revolution. 

“We have created this online eco-friendly marketplace to provide you with zero-waste alternatives to your daily plastic disposables. Our mission is to help you eliminate single-use plastics and guide you on your journey into a more conscious, eco-friendly, sustainable, zero-waste way of living. We are your Canadian-based online resource for your eco-friendly home. We offer a wide variety of organic cleaning products, all-natural and organic skincare and hair care items, sustainable gifts for your environmentally-conscious friends, non-toxic laundry products, and anything to make your home greener,” said EcoFreax’s spokesperson. 

Savon de Marseille is one of the most popular products in EcoFreax’s catalog. Imported straight from Marseille, France this soap has a rich 600 year old history and strict making process to this very day. Composed of only a few natural ingredients, this soap is very effective and very gentle at the same time. 

EcoFreax’s extensive collection of natural and eco friendly shampoos and conditioners is second to none. They are proven to be effective and safe for the environment. These products are made from natural ingredients such as aloe, tea tree oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil, which are all known for their ability to deeply nourish hair without any harsh chemicals or sulfates. 

The EcoFreax did not forget about men and their personal care needs.  They have a dedicated collection for men that includes soaps and shampoos formulated specifically with men’s needs in mind, shaving blades, creams and brushes. 

EcoFreax is also committed to catering to the needs of children, offering a broad spectrum of eco-friendly children’s personal care products. From colorful bamboo-made toothbrushes and organic baby balms to natural solid soaps, sunscreen sticks, hypoallergenic baby lotions, and dishwashing liquids, EcoFreax’s catalog of eco-baby products covers all bases and is being updated regularly. 

Aside from an exemplary selection of sustainable personal care items, EcoFreax presents its customers with numerous eco-home products, including mini scrub brushes, vegan dishwashing soap bars, reusable wraps, biodegradable scrub pads, and many others.

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