Global Online Training Platform Victory Sports Academy Launching Innovative Mobile App

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Global Online Training Platform Victory Sports Academy Launching Innovative Mobile App

October 25
04:07 2022
Victory Sports Academy (VSA) is an international online training platform soon launching an innovative mobile app to benefit the worldwide professional sports industry.

Victory Sports Academy Founder Victoria Drazdova started the virtual training platform with the intent to unlock sports potential in athletes across the globe. Leading with innovation, VSA offers online training sessions with world-class coaches in figure skating, ice hockey, tennis, ballet, and flexibility, making the training process easy, safe, and—most importantly—effective.

“Bringing the years of our collective coaching experience together, we have developed live training programs which take professional athletes to the next competitive level in the shortest time possible,” Drazdova said. “Our students achieve more in a few months than they did over years on their own.”

Drazdova said the global VSA team allows the app to offer 24/7 live training and customer service support, whether one is a seasoned professional athlete or a beginner just exploring a sport. 

Ideal sports for VSA’s app

The Victory Sports Academy app is ideal for professional training in numerous sports. Experts are already available for figure skating, tennis, ice hockey, flexibility, and ballet. With training available anytime, anywhere, and thousands of students learning, VSA is making a significant impact in the professional sports industry. 

At VSA, ice hockey players can improve their stickhandling skills and conditioning with off-ice sessions online. Tennis players of all ages can build their footwork and core strength by taking off-the-court conditioning sessions with VSA coaches. Figure skaters at all levels can master their jumps and spins via online off-ice training sessions. VSA’s online ballet and flexibility classes can help students master the basics and improve their range of movement. 

“It will be the first app which allows athletes to meet with world-class coaches, schedule your online training in just three clicks, and literally have the training session there—no matter your time zone, location, age, and skill level—at an affordable price,” Drazdova said.  

Making professional training accessible

Drazdova, while working as a figure skating coach, developed the idea for VSA after interacting with an international skater at her local ice rink. That experience helped her realize that borders and distance shouldn’t stop a skilled and passionate coach from sharing her love for a sport with the world while helping her students reach their fullest potential.

VSA is already growing rapidly, with more than 60,000 followers on Instagram and more than 2,500 students practicing with VSA expert coaches as much as six times a week. At professional levels, it becomes vital for athletes to make daily progress consistently.

“It’s such an honor when other coaches recommend VSA’s proven, results-oriented training program to their athletes,” Drazdova said. “VSA live sessions are a great supplement to the main training routine of high-level athletes.”

Results-driven programs

Drazdova assembled a team of expert coaches spanning the globe so VSA could offer professional coaching sessions online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. VSA’s team works with sports brands and Olympic-level professionals to collaborate toward helping more people achieve their sports goals, develop new skills, and establish healthy habits. So far, the VSA method is showing impressive results. 

VSA’s program is a game-changer in sports development and education with the launch of the first fully personalized online training platform. Live sessions at VSA help students work on jumps, spins, core strength, footwork, stickhandling skills, endurance, balance, and more. For the first training, participants only need some space and a good Internet connection. Students can choose private or group lessons.


Athletes looking for expert professional training online should visit the VSA website for more information about how to contact the ideal trainer. Drazdova said she looks forward to seeing VSA students growing their skills and making daily progress with the help of her coaches. Those interested in learning more about VSA can reach out on Facebook and Instagram

Amanda Browning is a freelance writer and former reporter. 

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