Business Expert Provides the Ultimate Guide to Making Profitable Business Exits and Securing Generational Wealth

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Business Expert Provides the Ultimate Guide to Making Profitable Business Exits and Securing Generational Wealth

October 22
13:10 2022
Business Expert Provides the Ultimate Guide to Making Profitable Business Exits and Securing Generational Wealth

David Walters, CEO, Steam Powered Marketing
Business owners won’t want to miss the latest episode of Small Business 21st Century: Build Your Difference, as viewers take a deep dive into how to successfully optimize profits when transitioning out t business. In this informative episode, host Pierre Walters sits down with small business expert and CEO, David Walters.

David, a veteran, is the founder of Steam Powered Marketing and has several decades of experience as a successful entrepreneur and consultant. Additionally, he is a philanthropist and dedicated his free time to helping those impacted by natural and man-made disasters. His insight will give readers the tools necessary to increase their business estimation value by 10 times or more and position small businesses for success. He is a visionary that can help business owners cement a legacy long after they have transferred or exited their business and embark on new endeavors.

Walters wants everyone to know that there is a looming economic crisis afoot. Specifically, there are 35 trillion dollars of wealth that need to be transferred from the “baby boomer” generation to their children, and 10 trillion of that wealth, Walters says, is held by small businesses. He cautions readers to take heed noting, “unless business owners take measures now to be able to transfer the wealth of their business, we’re going to see the potential loss of up to $9.8 trillion of business value be entirely wiped out”.

Even though this fact should create concerns for everyone, David explains how readers can collectively stop this from happening. He assures small business owners that they have the power to protect small businesses, which are the backbone of the American economy. However, preventing this astronomical loss requires targeted action and following a detailed business model that companies should embrace and implement. 

However, to preserve small businesses and protect wealth, David warns that owners must be actively engaged in business preservation activities. For example, he stresses how vital it is to begin preparation for business transfer at a minimum of two years beforehand. He outlines the process that small business owners should undertake to not only significantly increase their company’s value but also to become attractive to private equity firms. Businesses with a very high evaluation benefit both current and future owners of the business. Walters drives this point home by stressing to readers “everything you need to do to make a business attractive to a buyer, is everything you’ll need to make the business better for you.”

David also explains that small business owners must remain cognizant that there is a key distinction between owners who are working in the business versus those who work on the business. Essentially, he argues that business owners should consciously strive to create a company that can ultimately run without them.

This change in mindset can have a revolutionary impact on business owners, allowing them to build systems that help them not just run their operations but also use them as a tool to maximize profits. This efficiency is critical to small business longevity. Be sure to tune in to this informative new episode to take advantage of David Walters’ must-have small business tips to help build a successful business, exit effectively, and impact the 21st-century marketplace. 

Small Business 21st Century airs on Public Access nationwide with this particular episode available online at

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