Car Accident Lawyer at Siegfried & Jensen Personal Injury Attorneys Protects Injury Victims’ Rights and Gets Them Just Compensation

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Car Accident Lawyer at Siegfried & Jensen Personal Injury Attorneys Protects Injury Victims’ Rights and Gets Them Just Compensation

September 17
08:07 2022
Siegfried & Jensen has provided injury victims with robust and assured legal counsel for over three decades. It works to safeguard the interests of its clients, including car accident victims, medical malpractice injury victims, dog bite victims, etc.

According to announcements released by Siegfried & Jensen Personal Injury Attorneys, the experienced car accident lawyer at this law firm recommends that immediately after a car accident, the injury victim contact authorities, speak with potential witnesses, get medical attention, talk to the at-fault party, take photos, and contact a good lawyer as soon as possible. All these steps can potentially help a car accident attorney negotiate for a fairer and more favorable compensation for a client. 

Siegfried & Jensen stresses that an injury victim should contact a law firm, such as theirs, for a free assessment of the merits of their case. If there’s scope for higher compensation, then it is in the interests of the injured party to hire a good car accident attorney quickly. If hired, Siegfried & Jensen gets to work quickly to interview witnesses, obtain expert medical opinions, gather evidence, and initiate legal proceedings to negotiate for a fair claim settlement. 

Injury victims find it difficult to deal with experienced and knowledgeable insurance adjusters whose job is to get the injured person to agree to as low a settlement amount as possible. The accident lawyers at Siegfried & Jensen know the state laws that govern car accident injuries and the importance of medical reports that convince the insurance companies about the gravity of the injuries. If the need arises, the law firm is prepared with facts and powerful arguments to convince a jury about the fairness of the compensation demanded for past, present, and future expenses. 

Siegfried and Jensen Personal Injury Attorneys said, “The person who is at fault for the accident may be financially liable for the injury expenses. This includes medical costs, lost wages, property damage, and general suffering.

One-vehicle accident cases are pretty simple to place responsibility on. It is usually the fault of the driver. If more than one driver is involved in the crash, it can become more complex. At this point, the insurance company will investigate who is actually at fault.

Utah is a comparative negligence state. This means that the victim can only recover damages to the extent that they are responsible for the crash. If one motorist is determined to be 80 percent at fault while the other is 20 percent at fault, the insurance company of the first driver would be responsible for 80 per cent of the damages. 

The other party would be liable for 20 percent of the damages. Utah is a defendant-friendly state because it places the need of the plaintiff to assign blame to the at-fault party.

It is typical in this situation for various insurance companies to blame each other to place greater liability on the other driver. When you have the counsel of an experienced legal professional, you can better protect your legal rights and get the claim needed to recover.”

About the Company:

For over three decades, Siegfried & Jensen has represented more than 35,000 clients and obtained more than a billion dollars in compensation for personal injury victims. It has a 97% success rate and works hard to hold the guilty accountable. The first call to this law firm is free.

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