Mentors and Mogul Podcast Delivering Mentorship from Ultra Successful Individuals

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Mentors and Mogul Podcast Delivering Mentorship from Ultra Successful Individuals

July 29
15:12 2022
Mentors and Mogul Podcast Delivering Mentorship from Ultra Successful Individuals

Winter Garden, Florida – Everyone needs mentorship, whether directly or indirectly. Often, people need someone they look up to help them course through their chosen ventures. Learning from highly successful individuals and personalities may serve as an inspiration for many hopefuls and beginners to unlock the greatness in them. This prompted the creation of Mentors and Moguls Podcast, which has been a source of inspiration, insight, and knowledge to driven individuals who need an extra push to pursue their dreams.

Mentors and Moguls Podcast is a platform by Heather Stone where successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, professional athletes, and creators feature as guests to share their stories and give an insight into their journeys in their respective fields. In addition, the platform provides indirect valuable mentoring and advice to goal-oriented individuals who want to learn a few things about how successful people got to where they are now.

Mentors and Moguls Podcast is known for adding a great deal of flair to its episodes to deliver maximum effect. Some episodes stream live in the studio, while other times, interviews with guests take place in the most unusual places, sending a message to its audience that freedom comes with power and influence. “This is not your average podcast. Because of the adventure-seeking personality of the host, it is not unusual for the podcast to be streaming live while the interview takes place at 40,000 feet in a fighter jet, pulling 5 G’s and flying upside down,” Heather said.

The podcast aims to deliver a feel-good effect alongside the valuable nuggets the guests leave the audience with. It also highlights the importance of contributing to a better world and becoming successful enough to do that. The podcast focuses on expert advice but keeps its tone in every episode humorous, serious, and heartfelt all at once.

The goal of Mentors and Mogul Podcast is to leave its audience inspired after every episode. As a motivational speaker, mentor, former FinTech executive and nine-figure entrepreneur, Heather understands how much it helps people to have a powerful figure that inspires them and shows them that they can do great things too. This encouraged her commitment to empowering women and pushing them to overcome limiting beliefs. In addition, Heather’s background in breaking down barriers both in the boardroom and in her personal life has enabled her to foster connections with changemakers and influential individuals from different backgrounds.

In the next few years, the Mentors and Moguls Podcast looks bright ahead to becoming the number one podcast for anyone looking for inspiration and first-hand knowledge about achieving success. With its access to public and private figures who have found happiness and triumph, it becomes significantly less mysterious for other people to fathom the possibility of achieving the same.

There are few platforms where successful people bare their minds and share their struggles during their journey to happiness. “The focus is always on the journey, and the nuggets of gold are found in the characteristics that come to the forefront when the pathway becomes difficult,” Heather stated.

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