Story background of dragon pearl game introduction

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Story background of dragon pearl game introduction

July 14
22:43 2022

board game for kids

The story takes place after the endgame between Tianyi and the King of Qiongqi (the big boss).After the King of Qiongqi was defeated, many of his demon beasts fled and created troubles everywhere, and the world of mountains and seas have been impacted and in turmoil.In order to stabilize the turbulent situation and recover the former prosperity, Tianyi temporarily parted with his partners and started their respective journeys to save the world of mountains and seas. In this game, you will play the role of the protagonist. You should work hard to accumulate funds to help people everywhere to recover land, build cities, and help small countries. Every your decision determines both the flow of money and the development direction of the world of mountains and seas.In the construction process, you will compete and cooperate with each other. The player who can accumulate the most money will become the new hero to save the world.

Players have the option to spend money to recover land or trigger different events when passing through different locations.Maybe you’re lucky enough to get a large sum of money;or perhaps you are unlucky and suffer from repeated changes; you may also meet big sales in the store, and all the other players will be happy.Any decision may allow you to turn the corner as long as you are not bankrupt overnight.In times of crisis, you can trade your assets, land and even skills with other players for the resources you need. Any reasonable trade is allowed if both players are willing to trade.This is a resource management board game with a high degree of freedom.This game is not difficult, and you need to rely on the luck of card drawing and color tossing to a certain extent. But it also tests the player’s reasonable use of limited resources.

Overall evaluation of this board game

Appearance: 4 stars

Difficulty: 1 star

Number of players: 2-5

Length: 40min

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