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Protecting Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies – Cryptocurrency Insurance

June 24
23:48 2022
Cryptocurrency Insurance is a solution by experts to ensure that digital assets and cryptocurrencies remain protected under all circumstances

Online wallets and hardware wallets are vulnerable to attacks. These are prone to malicious hacks and thefts, and if this happens, it can cause immense loss to the owner. Every year, millions are lost due to such crimes, and thousands of people lose a lot of wealth.

To reduce this risk and to keep the owner protected from theft or hacks, Cryptocurrency Insurance is the perfect solution. It is the professional insurance of digital assets. Cryptocurrency insurance is an effective and innovative solution that helps in protecting the cryptocurrencies that are held in hardware wallets and online wallets.

It’s a talented team behind this technology. It’s a team of cyber security experts, law enforcement agents, and insurance agents who have extensive knowledge of cryptocurrencies, online wallets, and security issues.

This is a completely new insurance product that is a liability insurance policy. It offers a dynamic limit which decreases or increases according to changes in the price of different crypto assets. It implies that the insured will be indemnified under all circumstances during the period of the policy.

Insurance Services Offered:

There are many insurance services offered that include protection from fraud and theft. It includes services related to business continuity planning, secure key storage, easy recovery of crypto funds in case the customer loses access, and enhanced cover options for customers.

There are additional crypto protection offers available to the customers. This includes the smart contract, which is an automated contract. This includes all terms of agreement that are between the sellers and buyer and are written into lines of code.

The company also offers DeFi Insurance. Here the customer buys coverage against an event or maybe several events. This keeps the customer protected against losses in these specific covered events.

To help customers, there is a dedicated team who are ready to answer all questions. To know more, please visit

About Cryptocurrency Insurance:

This is an insurance solution that ensures that digital assets and cryptocurrencies are protected from fraudulent activities.

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