Creation of the next World-Renowned Digital Asset AET Demo Contest is in full swing

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Creation of the next World-Renowned Digital Asset AET Demo Contest is in full swing

June 24
18:34 2022

In preparation for the official launch of AET, the AET Demo Contest has officially been launched on 21 June at the Elysium Exchange (ESM).

The Asia Ecology Token AET will be launched exclusively on ESM on 25 July. To help users get familiar with the AET trading rules, ESM is launching a simulated AET competition. Participants can register directly with ESM to participate in the competition. After successfully registering, users will have 100,000 ACUX Demo Contest start-up funds in their accounts. Users can earn AETX rewards by purchasing and trading AETX, as well as by participating in a group puzzle game. Ultimately, ESM will award the participants by ranking the total assets in their accounts.

The AET Demo Contest will last for a month, with five prizes awarded to up to 1,600 participants, including 1x Gold Star Award with 100,000 ACU, 2 x Silver Award with 50,000 ACU each, 20 x Bronze Award with 10,000 ACU each, 500 x Excellence in Sail Award with 1,000 ACU each, and 1,000 x Outstanding Award with 100 ACU each.

Participate in the AET Demo Competition and win millions of rewards; Invest in AET and reap for the next World-Renowned Digital Asset.

David Schreiber, Business Director, Europe, ACU, gave a keynote speech on “Creating a Metaverse: AET Chains to a New Future” at the 2022-2023 world Digital Currency Forum, where he explained in details how blockchain technology is becoming a trend and will bring enormous changes. AET and the ACU Group have established a partnership and are gradually developing five eco-businesses; AET has officially started a community care development program to help small countries out of difficult situations.

In his keynote, David said: “The blockchain industry is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 69% between 2019 and 2025. Blockchain is also no longer just associated with cryptocurrencies; blockchain-based applications are emerging to support many other scenarios that require decentralized data storage and accessibility. By 2022, enterprise spending on blockchain solutions is expected to reach US$11.7 billion. By 2030, approximately 30% of the global customer base is expected to use blockchain as a primary technology. In addition, blockchain will add more value to a business that will grow by more than $170 billion by 2025.” According to Forbes, green blockchain initiatives, the expansion of NFT beyond online arts, the adoption of bitcoin and central bank digital currencies in more countries, blockchain and IoT integration, the continued rise of enterprise blockchain, BaaS – Blockchain as a Service, and the rise of the meta-world will all drive blockchain adoption in a growing number of areas.

As a leading global blockchain company, ACU Group has successfully built its brand and has an established presence in the blockchain world. ACU Group has launched its own blockchain technology and is committed to being one of the major players and contributors in various disciplines. Currently, ACU Group is applying its own blockchain technology to the finance-related ecosystem, which includes payments, exchange, digital banking and blockchain project incubation.

ACU Group has launched a strategic partnership with AET, to build a global digital finance ecosystem. In the next five years, AET Ecology will focus on developing five pillars: AET Membership Rewards Program, Digital Asset Trading Business, Digital Currency Banking, Blockchain Investment and Incubation, and Global Blockchain Education and Consultation, supporting the continuous innovation and growth of AET Ecology globally and generating a stable revenue stream to be distributed among AET holders, creating greater value for them and continuously achieving the expansion of AET Ecology and The AET ecosystem will continue to expand and grow in value.

In addition to building its own ecosystem, AET has also launched the Community Care Program, which offers helping hands to developing countries in transforming livelihoods through technology. With resources and skills in the field, AET is determined to bring on a win-win environment to governments that are willing to adopt digitized e-money, building a better economy and changing lives.    AET will support the governments in three ways:

1.The new e-money issued by the government can be exchanged directly with AET and ACU, and the AET team will help raise awareness and acceptance of the new e-money in the country and bridging with rest of the world;

2.AET already has a long-established presence in Southeast Asia. Any country in need can access their e-money straight from the app, enabling the rapid globalization of the country’s new e-money;

3.ACU Group will share its extensive experience in digital currency, blockchain, meta-border and other fields with the governments without reservation, and invest its vast customer base, talents, volunteers and other resources to partner governments to build international exchange channels and improve their international image and economic situation.

About Asia Ecology Token (AET)

Asia Ecology Token (AET) is issued by the AET Foundation, aiming to gather global consensus of aspiring individuals and reach strategic cooperation with ACU on a global scale, and jointly build a global digital finance ecology. It will practice the tokenized economy and community governance on a global scale, and build a global financial infrastructure for the global tokenized economy.

In 2019, the research and development of the AET public chain has been officially launched, and the AET Foundation has recruited some of the world’s top technical teams from the US and Malaysia to develop the AET public chain. The AET public chain will support the basic functions of issuance, exchange and payment of AET, enabling the free flow of AET in a safe and efficient manner worldwide.

The born of AET is based on 4 main conceptual factors which will bring up the real application and enhance our current lifestyle and economy to the next level.

  • Securitization
  • Tokenization
  • Fractionalization
  • Capitalization

In recent years, securitization has spawned a new generation of transactions that monetize non-financial assets and other rights that do not ordinarily generate cash flow, such as art, collectible cars, access to basketball video highlights, prestigious real estate, and even fictitious real estate used in video games. This will reflect into the tokenization economy which will bring the world economy to the next level. The tokenization of real assets into digital assets is a solution developed to address the risk profile of those assets. Tokenization could also allow more efficient trading of all types of assets, including securities, bonds, private equities, commodities, real estate and fiat currencies on digital asset exchanges. Assets are converted to digital tokens that are backed by the assets themselves and are particularly useful for releasing trapped liquidity in otherwise untradeable asset classes.

In late 2021, the “AET White Paper” is released to the public, which is the first public debut of AET. 16 June 2022, AET is launched to the world at the 2022-2023 World Digital Currency Forum, along with the kickoff ceremony of the Hong Kong Digital Currency Academy.

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