BuffKits Wi-Fi Booster for Nintendo Switch Launched on Kickstarter

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BuffKits Wi-Fi Booster for Nintendo Switch Launched on Kickstarter

June 22
20:49 2022
Advanced network stabilizer and speed booster caters to the requirements of Nintendo Switch players

BuffKits Wi-Fi Booster, a mini router that has been designed to accelerate and stabilize the network speed of Nintendo Switch players, has been launched today on Kickstarter.

BuffKits allows gamers to see typical gaming screen and progress jams dramatically reduced when playing in real-time games with other players. The device can also speed up and shorten the waiting time when Switch players download electronic games, tangibly improving the game experience.

“One thing is to have a generally fast internet connection and another thing is to have a fast internet connection powering your Nintendo Switch,” said the CEO of the BuffKits Wi-Fi Booster campaign, highlighting that this device creates an efficient bridge between the network and the console. “It acts as an excellent signal receiver as a high-speed connection vehicle for the Switch console.”

BuffKits Wi-Fi Booster delivers two important features: it speeds up the Wi-Fi network delivery to the Switch console while still keeping the network stable. It doesn’t generate sudden spikes of internet velocity and it doesn’t allow for an unpleasant volatile connection to unfold.

The device is compatible with three Switch models, OLED, Lite, and Switch, and with multiple game mode. The BuffKits App is the platform that establishes the bridge between the Wi-Fi Booster and the Switch in an easy one-time pairing that will not have to be repeated.

The ultra-compact device is a pocket-size gadget that works through a simple AC 5V/1A adapter. It allows players to engage in gaming adventures anywhere.

About Our Company

BuffKits is a team of gamers who work as senior engineers at a company that masters core antenna and wireless connection technology. While we are offering quality service to other companies, we are stuck in the snail-paced Internet speed when gaming. This irony drives us to improve the latency and slow speed of downloading games that we encounter in the gaming experience. Inspired by the game term “buff,” we gather to give our specialties, hoping to make convenient and well-performed products for all gamers to better enjoy and thrive in the virtual world. Starting with WiFi Booster, this product is the first one of many to connect with you all.

For more information, please visit <https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/buffkits/buffkits-wi-fi-booster-for-nintendo-switch?ref=55dcbv> or contact BuffKits, at [email protected].

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