“Planet Alliance STAR DAO NFT Metaverse” The First 3D NFT Planet in Blockchain

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“Planet Alliance STAR DAO NFT Metaverse” The First 3D NFT Planet in Blockchain

June 21
14:08 2022

SINGAPORE – June 21, 2022 – PLANET ALLIANCE START DAO NFT METAVERSE is a virtual world which speculate a 3D space-time virtual space. They are using AR+ technique to build a Metaverse cosmic world, it is the first planet into the blockchain, NFT, metasystem mechanism of the project which is never being experienced by any human being. The aim is to create a cosmic metaverse world where people can interact each other and explore diversified aspects of the world from different perspectives.

The philosophy of Planet Alliance is:

“A space to let you create you personalize and build your civilization.”

All Planet Alliance projects will use smart contracts to complete the rules laid out. Establish a Decentralized Autonomous Organization “DAO” that uses smart contracts to autonomously coordinate members toward a common purpose or goal. The protocol gives governance tokens voting rights to network decisions by distributing governance tokens to new and existing users. These decisions include protocol parameter adjustments and smart contract upgrades.

“The total number of STAR issued by the Planet Alliance Ecological Token is 10 billion”

5% Foundation, 3% airdrop, 2% marketing, 10% base pool, 10% ecological governance, 20% IDO, and 50% mining pool. “Pancake Swap” buying and selling transaction fee 15% distribution: 10% team network bonus for buying, 5% PLANET NFT dividend. 10% of selling transaction fee will go into the mining pool and 5% into the energy pool.

There is No locking period, the average daily chemical income of the in-and-out pledge mining is about 1.5%-3%, and the total daily mining pool is 0.3%-0.6% of the daily output. As an incentive to participate in mining, and the income is calculated and distribute on hourly basics. 15% of the handling fee generated by each transaction, 10% directly enters the mining pool, as a result, the total amount of the mining pool increases. 

The first energy pool will buy back, and destruction mechanism was created, and the STAR value will be maintained steadily. 5% of each transaction fee sold real-time conversion U into the energy pool, continuous circulation supply, energy pool precipitation funds Calculated according to 120 days, 12 times a day, every 2 hours to repurchase STAR and destroy, the lower the coin price, the greater the amount of energy pool repurchase pot destruction, reduce circulation, the price action automatically pulls up.

  • PLANET NFT limited edition of 5000 pieces

  • Complete the promotion of IDO tasks can receive airdrop rewards. 

  • Pancake Swap can redeem the airdrop reward 


  • PLANET NFT holder will be receiving 5% dividend from buying transaction fees. 

  • You can get 5% dividend rights and interests of buying transaction fees

  • Dividend will be distributed equally to PLANET NFT holders

  • Platform opens NFT transactions to provide NFT free trading scenarios

  • The NFT transaction fee will be exchanged for the partner platform ecological token 

The Planet Alliance powered by the industry’s top giants Siru Innovations, Kubotek3D, and Hubble Space Telescope. For the first time, the Planet Alliance combined GPU, 3D modelling and high-definition graphics to create a new metaverse of interest belonging to Generation Z.

Official telegram: https://t.me/PlanetStarAlliance

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Company Name: Planet Alliance STAR DAO NFT Metaverse
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Country: Singapore
Website: https://planetstarnft.com/

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