Walk into the bathroom production workshop and uncover the manufacturing process of the bathtub

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Walk into the bathroom production workshop and uncover the manufacturing process of the bathtub

June 17
11:13 2022

Product quality is the foundation of an enterprise. Without quality, it is empty talk about development and competition. For enterprises, quality is the cornerstone of survival and development. In today’s increasingly developed market economy, product quality is becoming more and more important to enterprises. The level of product quality is one of the manifestations of whether enterprises are competitive. Improving product quality is an important means to ensure that enterprises occupy the market and can continue to operate.

Belle sanitary ware, as a private enterprise integrating the R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of sanitary products and accessories, has been committed to the construction of sanitary culture and quality space since its establishment. In terms of product innovation, independent R & D and patent production, Belle sanitary ware is now one of the fastest growing enterprises in the sanitary ware industry. Belle has never been vague about product quality and has always adhered to strict inspection standards to ensure that every product flowing into the market has no quality problems. Today, we will walk into Belle bathtub factory to see how Belle always adheres to product quality.

01  Clean and tidy factory environment

Entering the Belle bathtub production workshop gives people the first impression that in addition to the large area, it is particularly clean and tidy. Each production process is divided into specific working areas. The moving line is very smooth, the boundary is also very clear, and there is no interference with each other, which greatly improves the enthusiasm and efficiency of production. In addition, the most impressive thing is that the materials and finished products in Belle bathtub factory are placed in order.

02 Automatic and efficient production equipment

With the development of society, the domestic manufacturing industry is facing the development bottleneck that is difficult to reconcile, the output of human resources is tight, the human cost is increased and the mobility is large. The same is true for the sanitary ware industry. In order to solve development problems, improve enterprise competitiveness, improve production capacity and quality, and reduce labor and management costs, Belle sanitary ware has specially built an automatic production line to improve product productivity, save labor costs and improve product quality. The bathtub of Belle sanitary ware is mainly made of acrylic material. The processes from forming to fiber laying and then to opening are “manual + mechanized”, which can not only improve the production efficiency, improve the working conditions, reduce the production floor area and shorten the production cycle, but also reduce the production cost, ensure the balance of production and win significant economic benefits for Belle.

03 Stringent production testing standards

It is understood that the production process of Belle sanitary ware includes “plate opening – pressing plate – fiber laying upper frame – slurry mixing – fiber spraying – fiber laying lower frame – edge cutting – Opening – bathtub upper frame – edging – Fixed skirt – assembly – function detection – polishing inspection – Packaging – finished products”. Generally speaking, it mainly includes five parts: molding, fiber laying, edge cutting, assembly and packaging. In order to ensure product quality, Belle has strict and detailed testing standards in every production process. Unqualified products are reworked or directly scrapped. No defective bathtub products are allowed to flow into the market. This is also Belle’s commitment to all consumers.

In a word, product quality is the foundation of the enterprise and the life of the enterprise. Belle sanitary ware has always put product quality first in the whole work, taking it as life, meticulous, striving for excellence, and always maintaining high quality and efficiency. Because of this, Belle sanitary ware can be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition.

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