Jade Brown’s Hotel Stuff is a Book that Amplifies Black Voices

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Jade Brown’s Hotel Stuff is a Book that Amplifies Black Voices

June 15
15:57 2022
Jade Brown’s Hotel Stuff is a Book that Amplifies Black Voices
Hotel Stuff by Jade Brown
In 2019, Jade Brown presented readers with her debut novel Vienna, and has since advanced her talent to tell stories. Jade Brown, a creative writer and poet, now showcases her second novel, Hotel Stuff – which she self describes as a narrative overrun by love, anxiety, and self recognition.

The book highlights Basil Francis, a sixteen year old who thought she knew herself, but discovers a version that is too altered to part with. Reviewers have gone as far as to describe the novel as a captivating dissertation, with the writer using unique and thought provoking language that defies the coming of age genre.

On the surface, Hotel Stuff is seen as a modern-day romance where an outcast is immersed in the nuances of dating and popularity. Basil’s notoriety commences once she builds a connection to her school’s most popular loser, Elly Hayes. Their relationship evolves once Elly provides Basil with a proposal she can’t refuse, a proposal that transitions her bleak high-school career into one where she is propelled into the spotlight.

The mystical and freakish elements continue to progress throughout the book, and readers soon realize that they’re not only interweaved into a high school rom-com, but experiencing a parable of race and exploitation. The book incorporates enigmatic storytelling, with chapters driving the reader into the bizarre realms of teenhood – all seen through the eyes of an African-American girl.

Hotel Stuff is weird, and is intended to engage the reader in a way that will have them question who they are in their communities. It’s a novel meant to be analyzed and experienced, but also to bring light to the contrast of growing up in a world where being who you are isn’t necessarily who someone else wants you to be.

As a writer who is known for her innovative approach to prose, Jade uses a unique style to narrate her story. Examples of her style include:

“I feel like I believe in Elly. I believe in him the way theorists negotiate their present ideologies for a flicker of something more palatable.”

“We were never together. We were incubating our loneliness—freeing one another from the flummox of our names,” reads a section that reviews have described as highly effective in outlining the story’s themes.

“Names are valueless, but they hold so much worth. To know that I’m so minute under the stars with people whose names are only hearsay to others encourages me to decimate my identity,” reads a section of the story that uplifts Black voices.

Reviewers recommend the book to readers looking for literature that explores black protagonists.

Jade Brown’s book, which was originally published in April 2022, can be found on Amazon, as well as in independent bookstores across the US.

For more information, visit https://www.brownjade.com.

About the author

Jade Brown is a literary fiction author and poet based in New York City. Her work focuses on liberating women who are shoved in dehumanizing categories, with emphasis on women of color. Jade grew up in Queens, New York, and currently resides in Brooklyn. Jade’s writing inspiration derives from personal experiences and the community of those around her. She considers herself a person who is in love with people and conversation. Jade’s heavy use of allegories in her writing brings light to social construct, racial dynamic, queer incorporation, and feminine opulence.

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