How To Eliminate LED Lights’ Glare Effects

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How To Eliminate LED Lights’ Glare Effects

November 24
18:45 2021

LED lights are now very popular lighting tools, with energy-saving and durable point, but at the same time, LED lights will produce glare, LED light blinding, glare, the human eye is very harmful, then, LED lamps and lanterns how to eliminate glare?

1, the use of anti-glare LED lamps and lanterns: lamps and lanterns anti-glare is the requirement of a protection angle, protection angle is any position of the horizontal view of the observer’s eye incidence angle to a small value, with the role of limiting direct glare. Under normal horizontal line of sight conditions, to prevent direct glare caused by high brightness light sources, LED lamps and lanterns should have at least 10 ° -15 ° shading angle. In an environment with high lighting quality requirements, LED luminaires should have a shading angle of 30°. In addition to the shading angle, there is a deep anti-glare plus honeycomb network also to achieve the effect of anti-glare. Such lamps and lanterns, no matter which angle to look, will not produce glare!

2, a reasonable and scientific location of the cloth light: what kind of cloth light is scientific and reasonable? The first thing that must be clear is that the cloth light should be designed in accordance with the actual product placement map, rather than a straight line design down. If the product needs to change location often, you can choose a larger adjustable angle spotlights, for example, how to avoid glare in the bedroom? Lamps should be installed in the corresponding position on the outside of the bed, oblique projection, so as to meet the effect of the bedding is brightened, there can avoid direct glare.

3, the number of LED lamps and lanterns control within a reasonable range: home lighting or store lighting, not the more LED lights the better, but according to the actual product material, showroom area, color, paint, to decide! Solid wood class furniture a square with 7-8 watts, while upholstered furniture requires 10-12 watts, according to this method of proportioning, not only to meet the general lighting needs, but also be able to focus on highlighting the qualities of the product, to create a space atmosphere of alternating light and dark.

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