All-Year Protection of Pet’s Nose & Paws with Primens Pet Balm

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All-Year Protection of Pet’s Nose & Paws with Primens Pet Balm

November 23
21:50 2021
Primens, the brand that helps clients make their home a more comfortable place, has formulated a healing, soothing, and moisturizing pet balm to keep pets’ sensitive areas like paws and noses well-protected throughout the year.

The pet’s nose and paws can endure a lot of wear and tear throughout the year. The ice, snow, and salt from pavements during winter can do a lot of harm to the paws of all animals. Walking on heated sand or asphalt might not be only painful to a canine; that might result in extreme paw dryness and even cracks. Heavy wind, freezing cold, and abnormal heat bring a lot of discomfort to our furry friends and lead to excessive nose dryness.

“As a pet parent to a Corgi Milo and snobby cat Gracie, I find it unbearable to watch my poor babies suffer from chapped paws. Especially during the winter and summer seasons when the exposure to common irritants is pretty high,” says Rachael, one of the founders of the Primens brand. “I remember us decorating the Xmas tree while Milo was playing outside. We were excited about the upcoming holiday, especially the kids. But then my son Dan noticed bloody paw prints on the snow through the window. We were shocked and terrified. We didn’t expect to see that. As it turned out, the paws of our furry buddy Milo were cracked, and they started bleeding. I can’t imagine how that hurt. Then we realized that we’d got to do something about that. And we decided to formulate the dog paw cream that would heal and protect the paws of our four-pawed friends.”

So, for pet owners whose dog’s nose or paws get easily cracked, the Primens paw moisturizer for dogs will provide long-awaited relief to pet’s dry, inflamed, or cracked zones by softening, hydrating, and healing them. 

Summer Should Be About Fun, Not Pain and Discomfort 

Summer is one of the most favorite seasons for many, but is it the case for animals? 

The thing is that hot summer days might be torturing them. The sun heats the pavements or sand, making these surfaces unbearable for walking. Heated asphalt can even cause burns and lead to cracked paws. Extremely high temperatures dry the skin and nose of dogs and cats, causing itching and other nasty symptoms.

Primens dog paw balm will deliver instant hydration to dry skin, nose, and paws. The paw balm dogs will not reduce the temperature, but it will create a protective layer to shield the skin, paws, and nose from the effect of heat exposure. It will also moisturize dry skin and reduce itching symptoms.

Weather Frost and Salted Pavements

Canines might be crazy about jumping into huge snowbanks during the winter season, but one issue might ruin all the fun. 

The pavements are frequently covered with salt to reduce ice build-ups. It’s good for the pedestrians but becomes a disaster for dogs. Their gentle paws become irritated. In case they already have flaky or chapped paw pads, walking on salted sidewalks becomes unbearable. 

Primens paw wax for dogs gently, yet effectively, protects the paws from potential damage and boosts the healing process. Thanks to natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter the paws will be wrapped in a thin and breathable protective layer that won’t let salt get in direct contact with sensitive pads. Aloe vera and Vitamin E promote faster healing and better moisturizing. 

“Our customers admit noticeable positive changes in the condition of the pet’s paws even after the first application,” Michael, the co-founder of Primens, admits. “After using the paw butter balm for dogs, your pet’s paws would feel and look like your dog has just come from the pet salon.”

How to Apply Primens Dog Paw Moisturizer

“When you are going to use Primens paw protection for dogs, the application would be a breeze,” Rachael assures. 

– Wipe the paws clean and let them dry.

– Apply an even thin layer of dog paw wax on the paw pads, nose, or skin areas.

– Let the dog pad cream get fully absorbed.

Rachael also suggests distracting the pet with a toy or a treat in case they are in the habit of licking off the dog foot balm.


Inflamed, dry, or cracked paws cause a lot of pain to pets. Primens suggests an effective remedy to the problem – a soothing, healing, and moisturizing dog balm for paws. The Primens puppy paw balm will create a layer of invisible boots on the pet’s paws and shield their sensitive skin from irritation, inflammation, cracks, or excessive dryness. From now on, hot sand or asphalt, cold snow or ice, and even salted sidewalk won’t do any harm to the gentle paws of any pet.

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