AET REMOULD releases the latest watch – Time Machine, ride on the waves of time and space to start the journey of graffiti

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AET REMOULD releases the latest watch – Time Machine, ride on the waves of time and space to start the journey of graffiti

November 17
17:41 2021

AET REMOULD once again launched the “A11 Time Machine” journey, where three new colors joined this amazing tour: red, purple, and blue. Each color scheme makes people feel like they are riding a time machine that connects different time and space. This is a journey in the waves of time and space like experiencing a long-awaited adventure. The art of watch itself is an adventure. The inspiration behind the time machine comes from the shadows left by AET REMOULD along the time, wandering freely in the fantasy imagination, looking for creativity. We redesigned on the basis of RM 011, presented by superimposing time and space, with the intertwined sense of blur, opening a colorful visual adventure.

There are currently six different color schemes in the “Time Machine” collection. “Time Machine” uses clever color combinations to collide with time, and the colors gradually changes surrounding the dial. The graffiti-like color structure seems to set up a time and space tunnel, which makes people feel immersed in a wonderful time and space fantasy. Diversified colors are scattered throughout the details of the entire watch. Hand-painted design has been added to the scale lines, watch caps and straps and other details. This interesting concept makes the whole watch look even more cool.

Graffiti was once an art form popular on the streets of New York. A group of low-level literary and artistic youths eager to convey their voice to the world, because they did not have the money to buy paintbrushes and canvases, and the only places they could paint were the walls in the streets. Nowadays, graffiti has moved from the street to the gallery. It doesn’t mean that graffiti has lost the core of street art, but has a more diversified development. Graffiti is a part of hip-hop street art. Taking our time machine that is full of endless reveries about peace and love, travels to New York in 1960 and felt the graffiti spirit of New York youth at that time.

The inherent creativity of graffiti art has formed a cultural circle with beliefs, and more and more people understand the charm of it. AET REMOULD wants to be the sermonzier of the graffiti spirit, and the pursuit of more ingenious design is the idea we follow today. Therefore, we are willing to build a ritual experience. In the art design concept of AET REMOULD, we should pay attention to the present, explore the core of more cultures, and share more interesting content with you through watches.

Deeply understood the past and present of graffiti art, AET REMOULD feels the spirit of graffiti culture and draws inspiration from it to design watches. This brave spirit of exploration implies the designer’s persistence in the taste of works of art. The manufacturing process of this watch is just like drawing a graffiti, every detail is conveying graffiti culture, which reflects that AET REMOULD pays tribute to graffiti art through the Time Machine.

Through the sapphire crystal, the whole picture of the time machine can be clearly observed. People only realize that the time machine is a pure sapphire watch after seeing such an exquisite craftsmanship. It takes at least 650 hours to polish a sapphire. The craftsmen perform the tedious process over and over again and concentrate on polishing, to polish the sapphire case more transparently and smoothly, so that it can match the aura of Time Machine. The sapphire case of the time machine makes the whole watch more imaginative. All the details are unobstructed, making people seem to travel to the streets of New York, seeing graffiti art all over the street. The never-ending hands on the dial represent that time has retained the graffiti art.

The time machine is an attempt by AET REMOULD in watch art. The watch art collides with graffiti culture, in the combination of which itself has a sense of confusion. AET REMOULD is willing to share more works with every watch enthusiast. Based on the existing excellent craftsmanship, adding innovative thinking, to make the watch not only look good in appearance, but also improve the spirit of the core.

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