Production of Door Stoppers with Excellent Performance with Patent Registered for the Anti-Vibration Door Stopper System

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Production of Door Stoppers with Excellent Performance with Patent Registered for the Anti-Vibration Door Stopper System

November 16
21:33 2021

Cheong Gu Metal produces and supplies a variety of products to the market as a manufacturer specializing in furniture hardware, interior hardware, window/door hardware, and die casting. Despite the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is showing excellent performance based on high-quality products, reasonable prices, and thorough production management.

The company’s recent registered patent for its ‘Vibration-Proof Door Stopper System’ has drawn much attention from the industry. The double design of the pedal rubber and the plate rubber absorbs shock when the one-touch horseshoe is released and prevents wearing of the direct connection piece due to vibration, thereby preventing malfunction.

The vibration proof door stopper system, which is the core design system of the ‘one-touch horseshoe’ produced by Cheong Gu Metal. It is designed based on the principle of an elastic piece (rubber pad) being located between the product base and the door, thereby absorbing shock and vibration caused by the folding operation of the lug (horseshoe plate).

This prevents loosening of fixtures such as the direct connection piece and damage to the door due to repeated vibration. Also, the elastic piece is firmly fitted into the intaglio groove of the base through the positioning block, so movement of the elastic piece is prevented during installation of the base, guaranteeing precision of installation even by an unskilled worker.

An official at Cheong Gu Metal explained, “In general, the door of a building such as a house is equipped with a door stopper to keep the door open, and the user keeps the door open by unfolding the lug of the door stopper and having it push against the floor. When closing the door, however, there was the cumbersome problem of having to lift the lug back to its original position.”

Established in 1992, Cheong Gu Metal is a manufacturer specializing in die-casting, furniture hardware, interior hardware, and window/door hardware. It has a strong position in Korea, and is now entering the US market through

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