Health and Wellness by Comprehensive Healing at HOLISTIC RIVERS. INC. Enables Participants to Achieve Balanced Growth in Life

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Health and Wellness by Comprehensive Healing at HOLISTIC RIVERS. INC. Enables Participants to Achieve Balanced Growth in Life

October 14
19:33 2021

According to announcements released by HOLISTIC RIVERS, INC. and Alicia Kangas, this holistic health and wellness facilitator works with individuals who wish to create a lifestyle of abundance, health, peace, and happiness through a well thought out process. The therapies implemented enable practitioners to synchronize their minds and bodies to achieve optimum synergies in their thoughts and actions. 

Alicia Kangas handholds her clients onto a journey of enlightenment about the endless possibilities that exist within reach of each person. Through an honest acknowledgment of one’s achievements, Alicia Kangas helps the individual take small steps towards life-altering positivity or a giant step forward that changes one’s perspectives and directions to achieve dreams previously thought impossible.  

The Own Your Purpose – premium membership program is a community of people who seek to realize their truths to harmonize their lives with the vibes of truth and joy. Alicia Kangas is an internationally awarded certified holistic health practitioner, registered yoga teacher, executive business coach, award-winning entrepreneur, positive world influencer, and published author who has put together 20 unique courses for this program. The courses teach individuals to break free of the shackles of the conditioned mind, get rid of bad habits, embrace good habits, and then stay with these good habits so that the divine inner truth that is present in all becomes clear. People discover that their life’s true purpose is much more honorable and fulfilling than just being grist to corporate mills.  

Alicia Kangas is aware of her responsibilities to the community. Beginning at a notably early age, she has been successful in her mission towards creating a monumental impact in the lives of youth across the globe.

Alicia Kangas has since founded the Own Your Purpose – global youth empowerment program, which is a program to give children in slum communities the opportunity for the exploration of arts and skills with the potential for vocational and creative fulfillment.

HOLISTIC RIVERS, INC. plans to sustain a developed focus on one country at a time prior to further global expansion. Alicia Kangas has placed prominent dedication and time into selecting her first team members for this program to work with youth in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

Alicia Kangas places her team members through the same Own Your Purpose – premium membership program that she offers to her clients. This not only generates prominent development and growth for the members of her team but creates a vast impact on youth in the slums, providing them with the confidence to believe in themselves regardless of their circumstances.

The youth participants of the Own Your Purpose – global youth empowerment program have become exceptionally enthusiastic in acrobatics and are excelling at a rapid pace. Three of the team members discovered by HOLISTIC RIVERS, INC. are professional acrobats who have been placing immense dedication in their work with the youth of this program.

HOLISTIC RIVERS, INC. contributes 30% of its companies profits to the Own Your Purpose – global youth empowerment program.

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Alicia Kangas of HOLISTIC RIVERS, INC., said, “We must rediscover our path towards self-acceptance and kindness towards ourselves. When we allow ourselves to be guided by our innate intelligence and generosity, which is our authentic nature, we can be compassionately present to what is happening right now. 

We need to uncover what we genuinely want in life, release all that is causing us to live out of alignment with our truth, discern between what is real and the conditioned mind, and begin to identify our true story.

Once we have done this, we begin to become this bright light amongst our world – a magnet for miracles, confidently leaping outside of your comfort zone, losing all grip in which fear once had on us, reap the rewards that come to those who operate by faith, and begin to discover and fulfill our life purpose. 

Once in full alignment with our life purpose, doing all we were destined to be, we begin to live a life of true peace, abundance, empowerment, and joy. 

When living a passion-filled life, fully alive, present, and loving life to the fullest, chances are we are living on purpose, and that is the purpose of life.”

About the Company:

HOLISTIC RIVERS, INC. guides and inspires people to reach higher and do better. Through its effective training programs, clients discover how to rise above circumstances, move away from shallowness, and discover the depths of their souls where the real riches await. People can begin working toward their life’s ambitions, regardless of age. HOLISTIC RIVERS, INC. accompanies them on the journey.

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