Storybook App Helps Children and Parents Sleep Better Without Screen Time

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Storybook App Helps Children and Parents Sleep Better Without Screen Time

October 14
09:02 2021
The World’s Only App to Combine Infant Massage Techniques and Bedtime Stories Helps Parents Gain Personal Connection While Improving Sleep Experience of Children.

Over a million children from ages zero to twelve and their parents have experienced the benefits of Storybook App. This specially designed app is the world’s only software app to combine infant massage techniques and bedtime storytelling to help children fall to sleep.

Storybook App utilizes infant massage, reflexology and relaxation techniques together with a collection of more than fifty different stories which are updated each month. The app also has a custom-profile feature, adapting its program according to the needs and preference of each child. Aside from bedtime stories, Storybook also lullabies kids to sleep with specially selected songs.

The Storybook app was founded by its CEO, Francisco Cornejo, and its CCO, Daniela Vega. As mother of two boys herself, Daniella came up with the idea of the app after discovering how massage and storytelling significantly improved her relationship with her children.

Several years ago, Daniella faced a profound personal struggle when her family, her husband and two children, decided to move to Australia. With her spouse heavily preoccupied with work and studying and having no friends and family to get support from, she felt unable to do her role as a mother and suffered depression.

Looking to learn new skills to stimulate her mind, Daniella then found help through the practice of infant massage therapy. She is an accredited Child Therapist under the support of the Massage Association of Australia. Through this new avenue, Daniella found that she was able to re-establish connection with her children and felt closer to them.

“It’s not about attention, it’s about connection,” explains Daniella.

Aside from the physical connection, the young mom knew that she also needed to dialogue with her children. At first, she tried to do storytelling while applying the massage at the same time. When multitasking proved to be difficult, it was when Daniella developed the idea of turning their bonding moment into an app. Through Storybook, Daniella aims to help other mothers too.

The effectiveness of the app is well attested to by its numerous users worldwide. Presently, Storybook App is being used by more than one million people in over sixty different countries.

“The Storybook App is off to a great start, surpassing the traction of popular apps like Calm and Headspace in their first years,” according to the Storybook App team.

Storybook App’s statistics show that 80% of children sleep better with the help of their app. The benefits are not only for the young ones but are apparent to parents too. Among its users, 89% attain better connection with their kids.

Many parents find Storybook to be very helpful especially in today’s digital age wherein more and more children are becoming screen-dependent. The app uses technology to connect people, not isolate them from each other.

Aside from its emotional benefits, Storybook also aids in physical wellness. Use of the app stimulates the respiratory system as well as the digestive system, eliminating abdominal pain and gassiness. Massage therapy is also a proven way of reducing muscle pains without the use of drugs and can even improve children’s motor system. Moreover, the Storybook App promotes deep sleep and reduces the occasion of nightmares in children.

The Storybook App is supported by a number of recognized organizations including the Family Sleep Institute and the Kids Safe Seal Program.

The app is available on both iOS and Android in Spanish, English and Portuguese languages. More information about Storybook App can be found at

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