Serial Black Entrepreneurs Raheem Cannon and Eli Markus team up to create new content monetizing app Alpha Tribe Signals

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Serial Black Entrepreneurs Raheem Cannon and Eli Markus team up to create new content monetizing app Alpha Tribe Signals

October 13
12:11 2021
Alpha Tribe Signals is an advanced content monetizing application that enables content creators to monetize from their content.

Jacksonville, Florida – October 12, 2021 – Renowned entrepreneur and business coach Raheem Cannon is pleased to announce that he has recently partnered with fellow serial Black entrepreneur Eli Markus to create a new unique content monetizing app. Titled “Alpha Tribe Signals”, the app is a content monetizing application that allows content creators and professionals (social media influencers, mentors, traders, etc.) to monetize their knowledge and following through monthly/yearly or one time subscriptions. 

Alpha Tribe Signals is free to use for content creators and professionals. The app is available for download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

“It’s a pleasure to announce that I have teamed up with my dear friend and renowned entrepreneur Eli Markus to launch a cutting-edge content distribution and monetizing app, Alpha Tribe Signals. The app extends an excellent opportunity for content creators and professionals to distribute their sought-after contents as well as seamlessly monetize their following or/and clientele”, stated Raheem Cannon. 

(In Frame: Serial Black Tech Entrepreneur Raheem Cannon)

“You can download this app for free and charge your audience to be a part of your Group or Channel (One-way Communication).” 

Alpha Tribe Signals allows users to post Status or Stories to share their content publicly with their contacts. From texts to images to videos to emojis, the app allows users to share their content in any media format. 

The app allows two main modes of communication for users- Group Chats and One-way Channel Communication.  

In regard to group chat, the Group creator (the content creator user) will be able to create both free and paid group chats as well as 101 group chats. The group chats allow users to share real-time text, audio, image, and video messages with their followers. They can also conduct voice-to-voice calling and video calling in group chat. 

“Our app has been secured with cutting-edge end-to-end encryption technology. So, no matter whichever data you will send to your followers through Alpha Tribe Signals, you can be assured of optimum security.” 

(In frame: Serial Black Tech Entrepreneur Eli Markus)

In regard to the One-Way Channel communication, users will be able to distribute text, audio, videos, or images to their following through a channel feed. The app allows users to create both public and private channels, depending on whether they wish to keep their posts private or have them out for public view. There is no limit on the number of channels to be created by the users. 

While asked about the payment, Mr. Cannon said that users will be able to set up their banking details and payment methods securely within the app through Stripe Payment Processing. All the payments earned by channel and group creators from their subscribers will be directly sent to their Stripe Account and from there, the amount will be transferred to their set bank account. 

About Raheem Cannon 

Popularly renowned as the “King of Systems and Automation”, Raheem Cannon is a serial entrepreneur, stock and crypto investor, real estate investor, business coach, and motivational speaker. He owns multiple 6-figure+ businesses including The Cannon Movement and owns several IOS and Android apps, the latest one being Alpha Tribe Signals. 

For more information, please visit The Cannon Movement for more information on Alpha Tribe Signals today! 

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