Meet Graystone Trading LLC: A Full-service Trading Group With The Industry At Its Feet

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Meet Graystone Trading LLC: A Full-service Trading Group With The Industry At Its Feet

October 13
05:09 2021

Thanks to the quality of its services and bright prospects for the future, Graystone Trading LLC has become what many have called “one of the finest full-service trading groups” in the USA. By engaging and posting quotes and strategies on Twitter, Graystone Trading LLC has managed to create a strong customer base and following in a short time. The company posts its trades (both buying and selling positions) technical analysis of charts, trading strategies, and options strategies, and much more. Graystone is not a financial consulting company, instead, Graystone provides hands-on mentorship to aspiring traders by showing their trades and the analysis behind those trades.

What makes Graystone Trading LLC different from other trading services is that Graystone communicates with the traders via Twitter, while other trading platforms use Discord as a medium to operate, which proves to be chaotic for new traders. 

“With multiple channels and various traders sending alerts every day, members need to sift through tons of material while getting in and out of positions throughout the day. It’s not a good learning environment for beginners. In my service, I communicate via Twitter. This way, all communication is in one place. I am the only trader communicating with and sharing my trades with members”, says Andy Antiles, the Founder of Graystone Trading LLC.

Graystone sends up to 3 alerts in a day that requires maximum 10 minutes of a trader’s time to follow and execute trades accordingly. The convenience aspect of the service by Graystone is very high because it posts on Twitter, which is easily accessible. “Members can either take advantage of the educational aspect of the service, and learn my trading strategy, or simply follow along with the entry and exit alerts. “I wholeheartedly believe we provide the most straightforward and transparent mentorship in the industry, providing value for any type of aspiring trader”, says Andy Antiles.  In the month of September, traders who followed Graystone Trading LLC’s alerts closely saw 250%+ realized gains in their portfolios. 

“The technical patterns I use include symmetrical triangle, ascending wedge, bull flag, bear flag, head and shoulders, etc. Alongside these patterns, I base my entries and exits around areas of support and resistance that have historically been shown to be key pivot levels. My take profit levels are always higher than my stop loss levels, keeping the risk level relatively low. These three strategies have generated consistent returns”, says Andy Antiles, the Founder of Graystone Trading LLC.

The founder, Andy Antiles has been trading for over 5 years, and for traders looking to gain insight into the thought process, technique, and risk management, there is tremendous value to be attained from Graystone Trading’s calls. Graystone Trading provides Equity, options trades, and Cryptocurrency calls.

The founder, emphasizing his services, says,  “I have had many members leave the group after anywhere from 2-6 months, stating they feel they have learned enough from my service to trade with consistent profits on their own. The service is tailored for every kind of trader. Those who are looking to build a small account and generate quick profits are well suited for my options service. The majority of options trades are day trades – a skill many seek to master. Those who are looking to compound more significant wealth in addition to the options service are well suited for the share trading service, wherein plays are held for longer periods of time.”

The founder Andy Antiles is thankful for the opportunity he has to help other traders from his services, and quoted, “It’s been a tremendous honor to take on this additional responsibility. Prior to my trading group, I would make trades alone in my room, celebrating wins by myself. It wasn’t all that of a fulfilling existence. I have built amazing relationships with my clients, getting to know them and their backgrounds. Helping others learn the art of technical analysis-based trading, alongside delivering results, has been incredibly rewarding. The messages I receive on a daily basis narrating the ways in which I’ve impacted people’s lives has completely changed my life. As I said, I am nothing short of grateful for the opportunity and responsibility I’ve been given.”

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