Feminine Frequency Reviews – A Detailed Report Based On Customer Reviews

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Feminine Frequency Reviews – A Detailed Report Based On Customer Reviews

October 13
04:04 2021

This Feminine Frequency review is based on detailed analysis, market surveys, and customer feedback and could benefit those looking for a detailed understanding of this newly released program.

For those unaware, The Feminine Frequency is a recently released manifestation program that has so far only been available in breathwork institutes in Ukraine. Feminine Frequency program is specially designed for women to help improve self-worth and confidence to exude beauty and attract abundance. The program has been going under the radar until it was made available in its present digital format. Since its release, it has been gaining notorious popularity in top manifestation circles and is said to be highly effective.

Feminine Frequency Reviews – Does This Audio-Based Manifestation Program Work For All Women?

The first reactions to the Feminine Frequency program are generally favorable and the customer response has been exceptional. However, to truly understand the legitimacy and effectiveness of the program, taking a closer look is essential.

As such, this Feminine Frequency review will delve into all the details of this manifestation program for women, including the science behind it, what’s included in it, possible benefits, quality and efficiency, legitimacy and trustworthiness, price details, free bonuses, and much more.

So keep reading this Feminine Frequency review to learn more about this audio-based manifestation program. 

Feminine Frequency Reviews

Program Name Feminine Frequency
Language English
Creator Alexis Watts
Category Manifestation
Main Benefits Helps increase confidence and self-worth
Specification Feminine Frequency Program + 3 Bonuses
Availability Digital Format
Suitable For Women
Price $27.00
Money-Back Guarantee 60 Days
Official Website Click Here

What is Feminine Frequency?

Feminine Frequency is a manifestation program that promises to help customers transform their lives by allowing the attraction of desires on demand.

The program is based on the breathwork studies of the internationally renowned psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof. The Feminine Frequency program which was initially only accessible on campus at the Breathwork Institute in Ukraine is available today in its present format through the intermediary of Alexis Watts. 

Feminine Frequency manifestation program is considered to be highly effective as it is based on years of scientific research and incorporates a technique utilized by various types of holistic lifestyle practices.

Feminine Frequency Creator

As mentioned above in the Feminine Frequency reviews, this manifestation program is based on the research studies of Czech psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof. Dr. Grof’s theories include the distinction between the two modes of consciousness – the hylotropic and the holotropic.

Among the two, the holotropic, which concerns the states which aim towards the totality and wholeness of existence, has directly influenced the breathwork that forms a crucial part of the Feminine Frequency program.

First accessible as an in-house guided program at the Breathwork Institute in Ukraine, the program is currently available globally thanks to modern technology.

It is available for purchase in its present digital format due to the efforts of Alexis Watts, who experienced firsthand, the benefits of the Feminine Frequency program. Alexis has been sharing her story to help spread awareness about the Feminine Frequency program so that more people can benefit from it.

Click Here To Download The Feminine Frequency Program From The Official Website

What is included in Feminine Frequency Audio Program?

According to the information on the program’s official website, the Feminine Frequency manifestation draws upon Dr. Stanislav Grof’s work. His work was so influential that practitioners learned his methods and established breathwork institutes across Ukraine. The proprietary method is said to have helped women heal their deepest wounds.

In its first form, the Feminine Frequency program was only accessible in-house and participants had to be guided by a trained practitioner. However, in its present digital format, it is can be accessed at home with the help of a smartphone, laptop, or any similar device, and a pair of headphones.

Feminine Frequency program in its current form includes audio files specifically designed for women that will guide users through the three phases of the program just as an instructor would.

It is the only Feminine Frequency audio program in the words. Also included are three bonus gifts, the “I Am Enough” affirmations audio, the “Goddess Triggers” subliminal video, and a “Manifestation Art” sigil that can all help enhance the effects of the Feminine Frequency program.

How Does Feminine Frequency Program Work?

The Feminine Frequency program works by utilizing theories and practices in modern psychology. It is an established fact that the heart is more powerful than the brain, as discovered by Dr. Rollin McGraty.

As such, manifestations from the heart activates the highest vibration called the Feminine Frequency. As per the information on the official website, activating Feminine Frequency is the work of Dr. Stanislav Grof.

The Feminist Frequency digital program works in three phases of guided meditation:

  • Phase 1: Free Yourself From Self-doubt

In this phase of the Feminine Frequency, the program introduces a 7-7-7 breathing technique that the user will have to follow along. The breathing exercise is designed to help cast out self-doubt, increase self-confidence, and naturally attract people and opportunities.

  • Phase 2: Sacral Energy Healing

The second phase of the Feminine Frequency program is the Sacral Energy Healing. In this phase, all the deepest wounds are healed allowing the user to move ahead with much more confidence. This phase also lights up the user’s inner sensuality to exude beauty.

  • Phase 3: Heart Opening

The third and final phase of the program is where the user learns to access the Feminine Frequency and manifest from the heart. The positive vibrations help synchronize the whole being and allowing to attract and manifest all that is desired.

Benefits of Feminine Frequency Manifestation Program

Before the purchase of any product or service, one of the biggest factors that can sway decisions is the benefits each product or service can offer customers, and rightly so. Weighing the investment required against the possible benefits helps give perspective before making a decision.

Here are some of the benefits of the Feminine Frequency program according to its creators:

  • Helps manifestation of desires
  • Heals deepest wounds
  • Helps attract money and wealth
  • Lights up the user’s sensuality
  • Relaxes the heart and mind
  • Heightens sense of energy and vitality
  • Helps avoid bad decisions
  • Helps increase confidence and self-worth
  • Improves health and overall well-being

Pros And Cons of Feminine Frequency Manifestation Program


  • Easy to follow manifestation program
  • Based on modern psychological research
  • High success rate according to customers
  • Affordable price and exclusive discounts
  • One time payment for lifetime access
  • Free bonus gifts with each purchase
  • 60-Day money-back guarantee


  • Only limited access 
  • Discounts only for a limited period

Feminine Frequency Bonuses

Does it work for all women?

Feminine Frequency has had a huge impact on the lives of many women by increasing their self-worth and confidence and thereby helping attract the deepest desires.

Feminine Frequency audio program is designed to work for all women regardless of age or body type. However, it can even work for men, as most men are believed to have a hidden feminine side.

The Feminine Frequency manifestation program seems to have already worked for thousands of women and men by helping them find positive relationships and success.

Is Feminine Frequency Manifestation Program legit or not?

The Feminine Frequency is a manifestation program that is based on the research studies of trusted Czech psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof. It makes use of universally accepted breathwork techniques that are used in many holistic traditions. Thousands of customers seem to have found success after using the guided meditation techniques in the manifestation program.

Besides, The Feminine Frequency also comes with a 60-day, hassle-free, money-back guarantee that can be utilized if the customer is not satisfied with the program or its outcomes. To offer such a refund policy, The Feminine Frequency must surely be legit.

Feminine Frequency customer reviews and complaints

As mentioned previously in this Feminine Frequency review, the Feminine Frequency customer reviews so far have been positive. The majority of the customers of the program are satisfied with the outcome with some customers going on to attest that the manifestation program has even been life-transforming. 

But of course, there are also complaints from a handful of customers who are yet to see success.  However, this cannot be considered a drawback of the course as dating success also depends on each individual, the correct application of the techniques, and also the right circumstances.

The creators of Feminine Frequency program assure that with a little patience and a bit of belief anyone will eventually find success in using the breathwork meditation techniques and manifesting abundance

Feminine Frequency Customer Reviews

Click Here To Download The Feminine Frequency Program From The Official Website (60 Days Money Back Guarantee)

Feminine Frequency pricing and availability

The Feminine Frequency program offers good value for money as it is available at quite an affordable price and comes with multiple benefits. Further, only a one-time investment is required.

Considering the first version of the Feminine Frequency program which was only available in Ukraine, the digital format is much more accessible and affordable. The original version would cost thousands of dollars in flight tickets, accommodation, and instructor charges.

However, the digital version is made available for purchase at a discounted price so that more women and even men too can benefit from it.

Here is the Feminine Frequency price deal at a glance:

  • The Feminine Frequency + 3 Free Bonuses = $27

The Feminine Frequency program is currently available for purchase only through the official website. 

However, the creators of the program in Ukraine have also warned that there could be fake imitations of the program being circulated on the internet through e-commerce stores and even fake websites that are using the same name and likeness as The Feminine Frequency.

The creators of the original Feminine Frequency program are working around the clock to take down these kinds of fake websites. Nonetheless, the creators also absolve any responsibility if the program is not purchased from the official website. As such, only the original product purchased from the official website will be eligible for the 60-day money-back guarantee. 

So it is advised that Feminine Frequency should only be purchased from the official website to ensure its authenticity and to be eligible for the 60-day money-back guarantee, and on-hand support. The link to the official website has been shared with this Feminine Frequency review for easy access.

Feminine Frequency Bonuses

Feminine Frequency comes with three exclusive bonus gifts in addition to everything included in the program. Here are the Feminine Frequency bonus gifts:

  • I Am Enough 

The I Am Enough bonus gift is an “affirmations audio” that can be listened to every morning to start each day with bulletproof confidence.

Feminine Frequency Bonuses-Affirmations Audio

  • Goddess Triggers 

Goddess Triggers is a subliminal video that can be watched before an interview or a date to increase beauty and self-worth.

Feminine Frequency Bonuses-Subliminal Video

  • Manifestation Art

Manifestation Art is a mystical sigil that can be looked at for 10 seconds to attract all kinds of blessings.

Feminine Frequency Bonuses-Manifestation Art

Final Verdict Feminine Frequency Reviews

On the whole, the Feminine Frequency seems to be a legit manifestation program that can help women and even men find success in all kinds of endeavors and attract abundance.

It is considered highly effective due to the use of breathwork techniques. The techniques and strategies used in the program are inspired by the theories of the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof.

Thousands of customers seem to have benefitted from using the manifestation program. All the audio files used in the manifestation program are of high quality and the program also comes with free bonuses worth hundreds of dollars.

Besides, as already mentioned in this Feminine Frequency review, the program also comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee. As such, the Feminine Frequency seems like a risk-free investment and is surely worth a try.

Frequently Asked Questions About Feminine Frequency

  • Has Feminine Frequency program worked for others?

Yes. Thousands of Feminine Frequency customers attest that the program has worked for them and even transformed their lives when used consistently and as guided by the voice in the audio files. 

  • Does the program help women who are introverted and shy?

Yes. The Feminine Frequency program is designed to work for all kinds of women. As such, factors like age, physical appearance, personality traits, or any other quirks do not matter and will not affect the outcomes, provided it is used as advised.

  • How frequently should the Feminine Frequency be listened to?

It is recommended that Feminine Frequency should be listened to once a day for three days. However, there are no restrictions and the Feminine Frequency can be listened to whenever the need arises. It can be utilized as a part of a daily routine for a daily dose of confidence and to get the best out of the program.

  • How to access the Feminine Frequency program after it is purchased?

Once the order is placed and the payment is completed, the Feminine Frequency and the three free bonuses can be instantly downloaded. The downloaded files can be accessed using any smartphone, laptop, P.C., or any similar device and a pair of headphones.

  • How does the money-back guarantee work?

The Feminine Frequency comes with a hassle-free, 60-day, money-back guarantee. So if the program doesn’t work as explained a refund will be issued, no-questions-asked, as soon as the customer support department is notified.

Click Here To Download The Feminine Frequency Program From The Official Website (60 Days Money Back Guarantee)

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