ErrandGlobal: Getting African Talents on the Global Stage

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ErrandGlobal: Getting African Talents on the Global Stage

October 12
13:17 2021
ErrandGlobal: Getting African Talents on the Global Stage

It is no longer news that in 2019, 60% of Africa’s population was under the age of 25. And while the median age in North America is 35, the median age in Africa is 19, hence the nickname Africa has come to have amongst the comity of nations — the young continent. But despite African Union’s (AU) claims that Africa’s youth is the continent’s biggest resource, several observers across the world have opined that Africa’s growing youth population offers enormous potential that is yet untapped. This observation is not farfetched; almost 16 million young Africans, which is around 13.4% of the labour force of 15-24-year-olds, are facing unemployment. But despite these sad realities, Africa remains a treasure trove of the brightest talents in the world waiting to be harnessed.

This revelation has informed the recent interest of the West (United States of America, Canada, Europe e.t.c) in collaborating and engaging with African talents. However, African talents do not still reap the dividends of their technical know-how for several reasons, which include: Not having a company registered in the US; intercontinental policy disparities; difficulty in receiving payments e.t.c.

ErrandPay has therefore weighed in on this and in an attempt to bridge this gap, ErrandPay has launched a product that will change the narrative, and give African talents a place on the global stage. Consequently, getting jobs and collaborating with startups in the west will now become seamless and easy for African talents. While this will enable North America and other European countries in search of talents for their businesses, harvest the brightest minds at competitive rates, this will also be beneficial to African talents, as they will now earn in dollars and invariably foster growth in their nation’s economy. This intervention by ErrandPay seeks to connect North American’ startups to talents in Africa and also invariably get bright African minds on the global stage. With the high populace of young skillful African entrepreneurs writhing under the weight of unfavourable policies, with this innovation African youths can now breathe a sigh of relief, because ErrandGlobal is geared to help African youths export their skills to the world, In this era of remote work. Indeed we are connecting the world to Africa.

It’s worthy of mention that this innovation by ErrandPay is in congruence with the first Sustainable Development Goal of ending poverty in all its forms and everywhere. And ErrandGlobal is ready to make that happen!

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