Bigfoot Bushcraft – The Home Of Weatherproof Fire Essentials

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Bigfoot Bushcraft – The Home Of Weatherproof Fire Essentials

October 12
09:20 2021

Bigfoot Bushcraft is a company that makes weatherproof fire tinder and other fire starting gear.

The fire tinder makes outdoor fire-making instant and painless.

Bigfoot Bushcraft was founded by two friends based out of Colorado, who love the outdoors and spend their free days camping, fishing, hiking, and snowboarding.

They got fed up with the unreliable fire starters they had to deal with on their trips.

So, they decided to take matters into their own hands, and Bigfoot Bushcraft Fire Plug was born.

The Fire Plug is a ultra lightweight fire starting tinder that ignites WITH A SINGLE SPARK!

Whether it’s a spark from two stones striking, or from a lighter, it doesn’t matter: The Fire Plug will ignite instantaneously, all the same!

The wax shell exterior of the Fire Plug protects the cotton interior from getting wet, allowing it to light up instantly when broken apart and exposed to a spark.

The Fire Plug burns bright and hot for OVER FIVE MINUTES, giving the user all the time they need to get the fire going!

It has a shelf life of 10+ years, meaning it can be used 10 years after purchase, and still work as if it was bought the previous day!

It is 100% waterproof, thanks to the wax shell. No need to worry about keeping it away from water during the trip, or in storage.

Plus the Fire Plugs smell like peaches! Goodbye to kerosene smells on your outdoor camping trips!

From the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, to the rest of the world, the Bigfoot Bushcraft Fire Plug is an essential for every outdoor camper.

Order the Bigfoot Bushcraft Fire Plugs and other outdoor fire essentials today at and get FREE shipping on orders over $30!

Media Contact
Company Name: Bigfoot Bushcraft
Contact Person: Max Plesh
Email: Send Email
Phone: 737-248-0401
City: Golden
State: Colorado
Country: United States

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