US-based Pakistani hip-hop artist, Mo Khan collaborates with Indian producer, Ink-Heart to release his second track titled “Falsafa”

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US-based Pakistani hip-hop artist, Mo Khan collaborates with Indian producer, Ink-Heart to release his second track titled “Falsafa”

October 12
03:56 2021

Gifted upcoming Pakistani hip-hop artist Mo Khan has collaborated with Indian producer, Ink-Heart to release his second track titled “Falsafa.” 

The track, which was sang in Urdu language for Mo Khan’s Pakistani friends, speaks about religion, society, hypocrisy and culture. It talks deep down about religious roots and connects them to modern society. 

Mo Khan, it can be said, has always had music running in his veins. Born in Karachi, Pakistan but currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, the rapper was 14 years old when he started singing and has been practicing ever since. With his burning passion for music, Mo Khan learned music production and composition all by himself.  However, as is the case with most artists, Mo Khan had to contend with some bottlenecks. ”I had no connections, no studio, no producers, no equipment, no experience”, he recalled.

It is said that success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. Mo khan’s preparations and precocious talent would soon make way for him and set off his musical journey. ”I was approached by “Savagekey666,” a Pakistani Hip Hop artist. I gave him a live demo as a fan & he was surprised that I have so much to give to this industry. He asked me to start writing again & he will take care of the production & provide me with the necessary resources”, Mo narrated. 

This proved to be the turning point of Mo khan’s young musical career, and he’s since gone on to create two songs— releasing his first solo called “Bemisal” a few months ago, and now, “Falsafa” as his second release. He’s also gone on to become an extremely versatile artist, excelling in Hip Hop/ Rap, Pop, Country, Classical, R&B, Soul etc. 

What is more impressive is that Mo Khan is currently a college student attending Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, Georgia, who has found a way to balance his education, music career and his business firm called  “MKM ATLANTA Corporation.” When he’s not making music, Mo Khan loves to spend his time on sporting and gaming activities. ”I’m a professional athlete; cricketer. I am a car enthusiast, a bike rider; I love playing competitive sports, I enjoy video gaming as well”, he said. 

Mo Khan’s time in the Music Industry may just be beginning, but he’s learned a lot already: This Industry doesn’t belong to anyone. My entire Outlook on this industry has flipped upside down. There are so many fake people in this industry, ready to cut you down for their own good.” He also has a message for his fans: ”It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to achieve in life. Just make sure you stay committed & work hard for it. Competition is tight these days, but what’s meant to be yours will stay yours regardless. Don’t let anyone demotivate you from being yourself.” 

With talent so profound that it got him a recording platform, it’s evident Mo Khan was made for music, and it’s just a matter of time before he takes his rightful place among the household names in the Music Industry. 

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