GuardaVent, Karymi Company’s Childproof Floor Vent Cover, Changes the Game for Parents with Toddlers

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GuardaVent, Karymi Company’s Childproof Floor Vent Cover, Changes the Game for Parents with Toddlers

October 12
06:31 2021
Made by a parent for parents, this floor vent cover keeps small hands from getting into big trouble.

While parenting is wonderful and exciting for the most part, many, if not all, parents know how challenging it can be to take care of small children, especially when they are curious and energetic. When little ones start to grow and become active toddlers, they tend to explore the world, particularly their immediate surroundings. And this only means one thing – the house becomes their playground.

As a parent herself, Michele McCrea understands what it is like to childproof or babyproof everything at home to keep both her children and home safe. When her son started crawling, she saw how easy it was for him to pull off their vent cover at home. And while researching for possible solutions, Michele realized that many parents struggle with the same issue and that DIY-ing seemed to be their only option. This huge gap in the vent cover market prompted her to launch Karymi Company and develop GuardaVent – an innovative childproof floor vent cover for the home.

With GuardaVent, parents would no longer need to spend so much time DIY-ing solutions and worrying about the safety of their toddlers. Created by a parent for parents, GuardaVent has all the features that parents and homeowners look for in a floor vent cover.

Unlike DIY solutions, GuardaVent is extremely easy to install and does not involve a huge amount of supplies and installation efforts. It does not do any damage to one’s flooring but instead only requires screwing in the subfloor to keep it in place – and it will stay that way forever.

Of course, safety is the number one reason for getting a GuardaVent. Not only does it prevent injuries by providing protection against the hazards of an open floor vent, such as screws, sheet metal edges, trips and falls, but it also prevents blocked ducts that can pose a major fire hazard.

Cleaning and maintaining the GuardaVent is also convenient, thanks to its covers that open and close for easy adult access. As a childproof product, its cover can only be opened by simultaneously pulling back on two tabs at the same time – making it very difficult for small children and even mischievous pets to access.

Having a GuardaVent is an affordable investment for one’s home. For the price of $19.99 CAD, parents can choose between four different colors to match their home’s unique style and, at the same time, get peace of mind knowing that their toddlers are safe from any harm.

For more information about GuardaVent and Karymi Company, visit their website at

About Karymi Company Ltd.

Karymi Company Ltd. helps families create a safe home by offering childproof vent covers called GuardaVent. The Karymi community is focused on and dedicated to safety, authenticity, families, and beauty in the home.

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