Serial Entrepreneur Tomasz Jasinski Launches NeuroArkitect LLC

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Serial Entrepreneur Tomasz Jasinski Launches NeuroArkitect LLC

October 12
02:05 2021
Passionate entrepreneur and life coach, Tomasz Jasinski, announces the launch of NeuroArkitect LLC, and he is offering $1,000 off his 6-month program to the first five people who mention the publication where they saw this offer.

Tomasz Jasinski founded NeuroArkitect LLC, with a goal to coach others into living their most optimal lives with the bodies, careers, relationships of their dreams, achieving health and fitness not ONLY in body but mind as well. He has a future goal as well to educate and sponsor future coaches and help them to develop the same broad, diverse, and well-rounded set of skills and knowledge; mental and emotional health, nutrition, and exercise, and much more so they can help others to understand exactly what it IS and what it TAKES to live a full, healthy, optimal, happy life.

“After running two other businesses for the past 5 years, I’m transitioning entirely into what I have always wanted to do: work with people one on one and in group settings to help them become the architects of their lives; making sure they have bodies and minds that are fit and healthy enough to live those lives to the fullest,” said Tomasz Jasinski.

NeuroArkitect LLC adopts multi-dimensional coaching ( approach, that addresses every facet of an individual’s life, from their daily routines and habits to the food they eat, when and how they sleep, how they move and the specific forms of exercises their minds and bodies need; to their mental and emotional health and wellbeing, their ability to self-regulate, navigate old wounds, traumas, subconscious patterns, and blocks; to creating better communication, improving all relationships in their lives; creating meaning in their lives; actively creating the careers and pursuing the dreams they’ve always wanted; and creating true health at every level of their being.

“In an era where personal coaches clog the internet with the same, tired old promises, Tom Jasinski sets himself apart by being the perfectly balanced blend of brains and heart. Sure, he’s smart, well-read, and well-accomplished, but the number of coaches that, truly, genuinely CARE about their clients could be counted on a very short list, and personally, I put Tom towards the top of it. If you want a coach that you can not only learn from but connect with, then Tom is exactly what you’re looking for,” said Matthew Huttle C.E.O.

Given that most illness and disease is related to chronic stress, inflammation, poor habits, lifestyles, and a disruption in the body’s natural rhythms unless these are addressed, you can’t live your most optimal life.

Jasinski took the past 12 years of his life, everything he’s learned, and continues to learn to combine it to create a process called Neurosomatic Rearchitecturing, using the mind and body to heal, grow, and create the health and life everyone is looking to create.

“Since 95% of our lives are determined by our subconscious programming as well as the environment (physical and social) that we find ourselves in.

If your life, your career, your body and fitness levels, your relationships, and overall happiness and satisfaction aren’t where you want them to be, it’s not your fault.

It is, however, your responsibility to create that awareness and change it all. And it’s my job to guide you in doing so in all those areas” stated Mr. Jasinski.

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