TiC Titanium Carbide Powder And Its Application

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TiC Titanium Carbide Powder And Its Application

October 11
21:45 2021

Titanium carbide powder is an important ceramic material with excellent properties such as high melting point, superhardness, chemical stability, high wear resistance and good thermal conductivity. It has broad application prospects in the fields of machining, aviation, and coating materials. It is widely used as a cutting tool, polishing paste, abrasive tool, anti-fatigue material and reinforcement of composite materials. In particular, nano-scale TiC has a large market demand for abrasives, abrasive tools, hard alloys, high-temperature corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant coatings, and is a class of high-value technology products.

Titanium carbide powder application:

1. Enhanced particles

TiC has the advantages of high hardness, high flexural strength, high melting point and good thermal stability, and can be used as reinforcing particles for metal matrix composites.

(1) TiC as a reinforcing particle of aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and magnesium alloy, it can improve the heat treatment ability, processing ability and heat resistance of the alloy. For example, in the Al2O3-TiC system multiphase tool, not only the hardness of the tool is improved, but also the cutting performance is greatly improved due to the addition of the reinforcing particle TiC.

Al2O3-TiC system multiphase tool

(2) TiC as a ceramic-based (oxidized ceramic, boride ceramic, carbon, nitride ceramic, glass ceramic, etc.) reinforcing particles, it can significantly improve the toughness of ceramic materials and expand the application range of ceramic materials. For example, the use of TiC-based ceramic materials as raw materials for the tool not only greatly improves the overall performance of the tool, but also its wear resistance is far superior to that of ordinary cemented carbide tools.

2. Aerospace materials

In the aerospace industry, many equipment components such as gas rudders, engine nozzle liners, turbine rotors, blades, and structural components in nuclear reactors are all operating at high temperatures. The addition of TiC has a high temperature enhancement effect on the tungsten matrix. It can significantly enhance the strength of tungsten under high temperature conditions. TiC particles have a more pronounced effect on the plastic tungsten matrix at high temperatures, ultimately giving the composite a better high temperature strength.

3. Foam ceramics

As a filter, foam ceramics can effectively remove inclusions in various fluids, and the filtration mechanism is agitation and adsorption. In order to adapt to the filtration of metal melt, the main pursuit of thermal shock resistance is improved. TiC foam ceramics have higher strength, hardness, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and heat and corrosion resistance than oxide foam ceramics.

4. Coating materials

TiC coating not only has high hardness, good wear resistance, low friction factor, but also high hardness, chemical stability and good thermal conductivity and thermal stability, so it is widely used in cutting tools, molds, superhard tools and wear resistance. Corrosion resistant parts.

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