Some Information of Starters – People need to Know

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Some Information of Starters – People need to Know

October 11
21:27 2021

Different car owners drive, The service life of the starter varies greatly. Some cars have been driven from new cars to scrap, and the starter has not been changed. Some car owners may use up the starter in 2-3 years. For the starter, the difference between use and maintenance has a great influence on the life of the starter.

Starter | Function

As people all know, starting the engine needs external help.The function of the starter is to convert the electrical energy of the battery into mechanical energy. The flywheel of the engine is driven to rotate to realize the start of the engine. The main component of the starter is an electric motor.

Starter | Working Process

The moment the car starts. The battery will provide 300-400ah of power for the starter (It can allow 1A electrical appliances to be used for more than 300 hours),

The instantaneous current reaches 200-400A,

About 500 times that of an ordinary household refrigerator,

It can be said that the car starter is working under very bad working conditions.

It usually takes no more than two seconds to start the car each time.

Due to short working hours.

Starter | Maintenance

The starting time of each starter is generally no more than 3 seconds,

No more than 15 seconds in cold winter conditions,

The interval between two starting operations is more than 15 seconds,

If there are three consecutive unsuccessful startups,

It is recommended that on the basis of inspection and troubleshooting.

Carry out after 15 minutes of rest.

If the starter cannot drive the engine, Stop trying to start the engine.Because the current of the starter is very high when it is difficult to rotate,

Forcible ignition may burn the starter.

Not in neutral

When the clutch system is not working properly

The starter will burn out in a short time

This operation will cause the starter to overload and damage;

Please be sure to reset the clutch pedal before the vehicle can be powered on

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