Dragon Squad Wars with Triad Gang at Williamsburgh Yacht Club

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Dragon Squad Wars with Triad Gang at Williamsburgh Yacht Club

October 11
19:14 2021

Dragon Entertainment was founded by Grand Master Tyrone Bullock, the youngest US Shaolin Master, who also happens to be the cousin to the legendary pop singer Tina Turner. Along with his cofounding wife Jocelyn Nguyen, the entertainment company launched into their movie production of Dragon Squad Gangs of New York, with Executive Producer – Dr. Leong Ying and Associate Producer – Elvis Newman. This past weekend’s location site used for filming was at Williamsburgh Yacht Club, in association with Captain Ricardo Mendez of Professional Maritime Service.

Dragon Squad stars (tactical black outfits left to right): Moyram Espina, Aziz Cem, Stacy Kennedy, Sandor Mclean, Elisa Greene, Nathan Porter with Captain Brendan Dolan (far left) and Captain Ricardo Mendez (center front)
Photographer: Leong Ying (3rd October 2021)

Music and fashion icon Aaron Paul is cast to play his famous celebrity self in this movie, but for this location shoot, he played a cameo role as a Triad Hooded Assassin, taking orders from the Chinese crime bosses: Wang (played by Dr. Leong Ying) and Jon (played by Elvis Newman).

Action scene starring (left to right): Aaron Paul (Hooded Assassin), Richard Yuen (businessman Lu) and Nghia Huynh (Triad thug)
Photographer: Leong Ying (3rd October 2021)

Directing behind the camera, was Tyrone Bullock (Director and Writer) and Jocelyn Nguyen (Assistant Director); although Tyrone’s martial arts expertise meant he took on the role of acting fight and stunt choreographer. The rest of the supporting production crew included Joy Greene (camerawoman), Hinano Leung (makeup artist) and Jasmine Carrillo. On site media coverage was provided by Jack Zhang, head of eStar TV, who along with his assistant Alex Wei, also got to play extra roles as Triad gangsters in the production.

The finale featured a spectacular water chase scene, filmed of the battle between the pursuing Dragon Squad and the escaping Triad gang, with the boats driven by Captain Ricardo Mendez and Captain Brendan Dolan.

Production scene (left to right): Tyrone Bullock (Director), Nathan Porter, Aaron Paul, Elvis Newman, Jack Zhang, Alex Wei, and Jocelyn Nguyen (Assistant Director)
Photographer: Leong Ying (3rd October 2021)


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