Arab Bank, Switzerland chooses Tezos to add to its portfolio of disruptive digital assets globally – with full staking capability already live.

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Arab Bank, Switzerland chooses Tezos to add to its portfolio of disruptive digital assets globally – with full staking capability already live.

October 08
13:11 2021
Arab Bank, Switzerland chooses Tezos to add to its portfolio of disruptive digital assets globally - with full staking capability already live.

The future of finance will be co-created.

Co-created with innovative companies coming together that understand the historic and disruptive changes that are coming to the global financial world.

Because the sheer scope, scale, and speed of the current digital asset revolution being enabled through blockchain technology is unprecedented.

And Banks who choose to evolve, partner, and embrace these changes — are the ones who will become the leaders of their industry. The ones who help create the innovative financial systems and opportunities of tomorrow.

Forward-thinking banks need to partner with industry-leading technology companies in order to build that exciting future.  And to offer their clients the digital financial products of the future… today.

Arab Bank Switzerland Ltd, has chosen the Tezos protocol to offer institutional-grade storage, staking, and trading services for Tez (XTZ), the native cryptocurrency of the Tezos blockchain.

Arab Bank believes that blockchain technology has the potential to radically transform the financial sector, metamorphosing the way assets are stored, represented, and exchanged.

Tezos is one of the original Proof of Stake blockchain protocols. The Tezos ecosystem is built on low fees, cross-chain compatibility, industry-leading security, an energy-efficient algorithm, and powerful smart contracts. Tezos is one of the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystems and has a passionate developer community. On Tezos, developers are able to easily build powerful decentralized applications and innovative financial products. Projects such as Red Bull Racing Honda, McLaren Racing, OneOf, Ubisoft, Interpop, Hic-Et-Nunc, and more have chosen to build on the Tezos blockchain.

Arab Bank Switzerland is the first private bank to include staking as part of its crypto service offering.  Staking allows clients to generate interest while putting any amount of their digital holdings to work. It is a transparent and secure process by which the client commits its digital assets to validate transactions on the blockchain.

Since September 2019, Arab Bank has launched a new range of digital asset services – including custody and trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. And becoming one of the first private banks in Europe to offer blockchain and digital asset services to its clients. Arab Bank offers institutional-grade digital assets custody and trading solutions to both high net worth individuals and institutional clients.

The aim is to offer a “one-stop shop” for investors from storage to trading, staking, and tokenization.  Investors who are looking for expert support in order to access crypto markets with less risk. Support like a dedicated trading team with an over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk for cryptocurrencies.

One of the most daunting aspects for new investors entering crypto markets is the custody and security responsibility that comes with owning digital assets. In this case, Arab Bank takes over the role of the safe-keeper, with a complete digital asset custody solution. This provides the comfort and security needed for new investors who are adding cryptocurrency to their portfolios for the first time.

“Digital Assets are a cornerstone of our strategy, requiring strong agility while complying with the highest security standards. Our mission is to bridge tradition and cutting-edge innovation. Tezos, with its scalability, high-quality governance, and staking possibilities, fits perfectly within our vision.” — Rani Jabban, Managing Director of Arab Bank Switzerland.

And for those unfamiliar with Arab Bank, Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. (“Arab Bank“ or the Bank”) is a FINMA-regulated Swiss bank with a longstanding presence in the Middle East & North Africa founded in 1962. The Bank offers a full range of services in wealth management, trade finance, and treasury activities. Arab Bank is a pioneer in Digital assets in Switzerland since 2019.

Arab Bank Switzerland is an independent sister company of Arab Bank plc. To this end, Arab Bank Switzerland can draw upon a wide network of branches in the Arab world and in major financial centers around the globe.

Arab Bank Switzerland is a unique combination of services including Commodity & Trade Finance, Wealth Management, Capital Markets  & Digital Assets.

Switzerland is one of the great financial centers of the world. The key difference is the government has recognized the exciting future which digital assets and blockchain technology offers and has created the perfect ecosystem for disruptive companies to thrive —through innovation-friendly regulatory frameworks, attractive tax incentives, and world-class infrastructure.

The country is at the forefront of legal and regulatory developments in the area of digital assets. The FINMA was the first regulator in the world to publish clear guidelines on ICOs and classifications for tokens. A new Distributed Ledger Technology Act (DLT Act) has entered into force in 2021.

The pragmatic approach of the Federal council as well as the implementation of a forward-looking regulatory framework have allowed Switzerland to emerge as one of the most thriving and secured ecosystems for crypto-assets and DLT such as Blockchain.

And being based in Switzerland, Arab Bank has attracted a diverse portfolio of clients who are ready to take advantage of the disruptive changes that are coming to global financial markets.  Clients like sophisticated crypto mining companies, passionate early adopters, international investors, global funds, wealth management family offices, traditional banks, assets managers, blockchain foundations, and enterprise-level companies. 

This type of curated approach to digital asset investment is just what the current market needs for many types of investors. Arab Bank has essentially become the curator of high-quality digital asset-based financial instruments. Because completing due diligence in a fast-moving and disruptive market like cryptocurrencies is challenging to say the least.

Some have shown fear in the face of the disruptive and historic changes that are coming to financial markets globally. Arab Bank has chosen to become a curator, a leader, a co-creator, and a builder of the new financial future which digital assets are enabling. The addition of Tezos with full staking capabilities already live, is proof that this exciting future is available to investors today.

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